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  • The Importance of Dog Rescue

    1 comment / Posted on by Levar Carter

    Man’s best friend sometimes needs a helping hand.  Fortunately, dog rescues exist solely to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of our canine friends.  What would the world be like without dog rescues?  Undoubtedly the pet population would increase, communities would not have access to vital services, and families would have a more difficult time being reunited with lost pets.  Here, the importance of dog rescues will be discussed.  

    Dog Rescues Save Lives

    First and foremost, dog rescues save lives.  Every day, dog rescues take in animals that are relinquished by their owners, save stray dogs from the streets, and pull dogs from euthanasia lists at other shelters across the country.  Some dog rescues work in niche fields, such as Beagle Freedom Project which saves and rehabilitates dogs formerly used for lab tests, while other rescues serve a more general population.  

    Dog Rescues Help Control the Pet Population

    The ASPCA estimates that 3.9 million dogs enter rescues and shelters each year.  A major dilemma facing most countries around the world is pet overpopulation.  This situation is directly related to unethical breeding, as well as the resistance of dog owners to spay or neuter their pets.  Dog rescues help overcome these problems in multiple ways.  

    First, they provide education on the difference between good and bad breeders.  An ethical breeder will ensure his or her puppies go to homes where they will be neutered or spayed, except in certain circumstances such as when the dog is used for show.  An unethical breeder, on the other hand, breeds dogs simply for profit and without concern of what happens to its puppies, or how they are taken care of in their new homes.  

    Second, dog rescues generally spay and neuter every dog that comes through its doors.  While these procedures can be costly for the rescue, they help prevent future generations of puppies.  

    Next, dog rescues help control the pet population by providing an alternative to dog breeding.  Instead of continually breeding new dogs while other animals are unwanted, dog rescues provide a way to “recycle” pets, lowering the chances that a dog becomes tossed aside in the future. 

    Finally, dog rescues control the pet population by keeping animals off the streets, where they are more likely to find mating partners.  

    Dog Rescues Serve the Community

    If you have ever thought that dog rescues solely serve dogs, think again.  Dog rescues are integral parts of the community.  For instance, when pet owners fall on hard times, dog rescues often assist by providing dog food, low-cost vaccines, and veterinary care at reduced prices.  

    In addition, dog rescues can help community members by temporarily housing animals when certain situations arise, such as military deployment.  

    Finally, dog rescues provide peace of mind for elderly dog owners who ask the rescue to care for their pets should they move into assisted living or pass away.  

    Dog Rescues Reunite Families

    When an animal is found as a stray, dog rescues serve as temporary holding facilities until the dog’s family can be found.  Without dog rescues serving in this capacity, many animals would continue to roam the streets to potentially be hit by a car, get taken in by another person who doesn’t attempt to find the owner, or worse.  Dog rescues work their hardest to network animals that are found in search of the rightful owners.  

    In addition, dog rescues often form search parties when dog owners reach out for help in finding a lost pet.  Dog rescue workers and volunteers take their jobs seriously, and will often perform overnight stake outs and set up live traps in order to ensure that every animal is reunited with its loving family. 

    Dog Rescues Keep Communities Safer

    When the dog population is not properly managed, the spread of disease can be rampant.  Dog rescues do their best to ensure that animals within their community are immunized against dangerous diseases such as Rabies and Distemper.  When there are sightings of a dangerous or sick animal, rescue workers and volunteers tirelessly work until the animal is apprehended.  

    Dog Rescues Provide Alternatives for Pet Ownership

    While every dog lover should appreciate the joys of owning a puppy at least once, the fact remains that puppies are a lot of hard work – not to mention expensive.  Dog rescues provide additional options for people who are seeking a pet.  

    For instance, purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder typically costs in excess of $1,000.  While this high price tag ensures good genetics and covers the cost of quality care, it can be prohibitive for many people.  Unethical breeders often charge substantially less money, $300 - $500 per puppy, but these dogs often have poor genetics and are prone to congenital disease.  After purchasing a puppy from a breeder, there are still the costs of deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping, and supplies.

    Rescues, on the other hand, typically charge less than $100 for the adoption of a dog.  In most cases, the animal that you receive is up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and has been assessed for medical or behavioral problems.  While a common misconception is that purebred dogs can only be acquired from breeders, this notion is simply false.  Even purebred puppies with papers can be found in a rescue!  

    For people who do not care about their dog’s lineage or who would prefer to have an adult dog and avoid the hassle of training a puppy, dog rescues are a wonderful option.  Even fully trained and well-behaved adult dogs wind up dog rescues, through no fault of their own. 

    Dog Rescues are Animal Advocates

    Finally, dog rescues are important because they serve as the voice of animals.  Dog rescues are commonly the first responders to cases of abuse and neglect, and are the ones who file charges against the perpetrators.  The volunteers and workers at dog rescues make sure that every animal has a voice, and they do not give up until every animal within their community is fairly treated. 

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  • Happy New Year from BGM Warehouse

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    BGM Warehouse wishes the whole Bully Breed Community a Happy New Year! We have lots of new stuff in store for your in this upcoming year, so please stay tuned. There will be a lot of new product releases, as well as some collaborations with some other people inside and outside the Bully Community. 

    Thanks again for all of your support from the beginning, back in 2010. We look forward to giving you even better products and services throughout 2017.

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  • The Peace Love Bully Fest 6 is coming soon...

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    One of the biggest bully breed dog shows is just around the corner. The Peace Love Bully Fest 6, hosted by Bully Supplies and Hidden City Kennels, will be going down on January 7th, 2017. The address for the venue is 302 N. 17th St, Allentown, PA. This will be an indoor event. BGM Warehouse & Bully Girl Magazine will be in the building with all of our apparel, accessories, and magazines. Make sure you stop by our booth and pay us a visit. Also, if you see a cameraman walking around with that BGM logo on his shirt, make sure you jump in front of that camera. You just might end up inside the next issue of Bully Girl Magazine. We look forward to meeting you all at this event. For more information, or to reserve your booth call (518) 947 4109.

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  • BGM Men's Bully Fleece Jacket

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    BGM Warehouse recently released a new apparel item! Introducing the NEW BGM Men's Bully Fleece Jacket. These aren't your normal fleece zip-up jackets. Featuring our trademarked logo embroidered on the front and back, these jackets are very sleek and stylish, giving you effortless swag as your enter the colder climates with your bully breed dog.

    BGM Warehouse currently has a Black Friday sale going on right now allowing your to pick up one of these Men's Bully Fleece Jackets at a huge discount! So what are you waiting for? It's the perfect item, and this is the moment to steal it at a perfect price. Order yours now.

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  • Black Friday Sales begin a Week Early?

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    Yup, you read it right! BGM Warehouse will be kicking off our Black Friday Savings on Friday November 18th, 2016. We know how anxious our customers are to start enjoying the holiday savings, so we figured why not let  you get started a week early. So starting tomorrow, using coupon code: BGMBLACKOUT, you will receive big discounts on your entire order at checkout. 

    Another great way to save, is to sign up for our NEW rewards program. In this program,  you earn BONES, which can be used as cash at checkout to save you money on your orders. One hundred bones equals one dollar (USD), and there are many ways to earn bones other than purchasing such as: referring a friend, sharing on social media, and even sign up for the program earns you 500 bones. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, so you can be prepared to save as much as possible once the big sale starts.

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