Wynter Haus K9: French Bulldog and German Shepherd Breeder

Wynter Haus K9: French Bulldog and German Shepherd Breeder

Meet Demetrius Farmer, a breeder who dedicates his life to his beloved kennel, Wynter Haus K9. He breeds exotic French Bulldogs and high-drive working line German Shepherds, supplying police departments, sport homes, and families with loyal companions. Demetrius, inspired by the unique and captivating qualities of these breeds, ensures the health and happiness of his dogs through thorough genetic testing and a complete raw diet.

From the moment they're born, the puppies at Wynter Haus K9 experience a nurturing environment filled with diverse noises, socialization with children, and early crate and potty training. As they grow, Demetrius introduces them to his favorite bloodlines, including King Kong from Texas Elite Frenchies and Brinks from Frontline Elite Litters. These bloodlines exemplify the beauty and strength he strives to achieve in his breeding program.

Aware of the misconceptions surrounding the bully breed, Demetrius takes every opportunity to educate potential buyers and the public about the true nature of these dogs. By taking his well-behaved and health-tested dogs everywhere he goes, he demonstrates their ability to thrive in any environment.

A responsible breeder, Demetrius provides his dogs with a high-quality lifestyle, including proper nutrition, clean water, exercise, socialization, and attentive veterinary care. He feeds his dogs top-notch brands like Kinetic Energy, Inukshuk, and Victor while maintaining their fitness through activities like two-ball and treadmill workouts.

Purchasing a puppy from Wynter Haus K9 is a simple and supportive process. After selecting a pup and submitting a non-refundable deposit, the new owner becomes part of the WHK9 family, receiving ongoing support and advice throughout the dog's life. Demetrius also offers a health guarantee, provided the new owner takes the pup to the vet within the first 14 days.

Should the need arise to return or rehome a dog, Demetrius graciously welcomes them back, always prioritizing their well-being. His dedication to the breed is evident in his involvement in dog shows, featuring his star stud Youngboy "YB" and soon-to-debut Molly, an Isabella-carrying fluffy.

Aspiring breeders can learn from Demetrius's journey: start small, prioritize quality, and follow a solid plan. He believes the most significant challenge in the bully game is patience and trust in the process. Demetrius's vision for the future of the bully breed community is one of growth and unity, with kennels like his leading the way by putting the dogs' health and happiness first.

When not immersed in his kennel, Demetrius enjoys training dogs, competing in PSA with his German Shepherds, working out, playing video games, and most importantly, spending quality time with his beautiful daughter. A proud supporter of Bully Girl Magazine, Demetrius appreciates their positive impact on the community.

With his unwavering commitment to his dogs and their future, Demetrius Farmer and Wynter Haus K9 are a shining example of what it means to be a passionate and responsible breeder in the world of bully breeds.

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