Underground Bullies Kennel: American Bully Breeder in Atlanta, GA

Underground Bullies Kennel: American Bully Breeder in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia, has always been a city that thrives on creativity, diversity, and a relentless drive for success. Sarah Quiroz and her husband embody these characteristics through their dedication and passion for the American Bullies they breed at Underground Bullies Kennel. Sarah's love for the breed was sparked by her husband, setting her on an unanticipated yet rewarding journey.

Sarah and her husband are not just breeders; they are custodians of the breed's health and reputation. They are meticulous in conducting genetic tests and health checks, using comprehensive methods like Embark and OFA. This commitment ensures that the puppies they bring into the world are healthy and robust, ready to grow into their full potential.

The puppies at Underground Bullies Kennel are introduced to a world full of interactions and explorations from an early age. With their first shots administered, the puppies are allowed to play with other dogs, introducing them to different toys, smells, and exercise aids. This early socialization primes them for their future homes, laying the foundation for confident, adaptable dogs.

Sarah's vision for her kennel is not merely to replicate a favorite bloodline but to create a unique one that distinguishes Underground Bullies. Yet, she acknowledges the misconceptions that surround the bully breed. Often mistaken for pit bulls, American Bullies are sometimes perceived as vicious or mean. Sarah takes these misunderstandings in stride, patiently clarifying that her dogs are well-socialized and gentle, their imposing looks belying their friendly nature.

Being a responsible breeder, to Sarah, goes beyond ensuring her dogs' physical health. She emphasizes the importance of being ethical, informative, and educational. Moreover, she insists that every dog under her care is loved and taken care of daily. Her dogs enjoy a varied diet rich in nutrients, ranging from dry food soaked in warm water, omega oils, pumpkin powder, food toppers, canned food, and frozen protein toppers.

Sarah's commitment to her dogs extends beyond their time at her kennel. She provides support to new owners and offers a one-year health guarantee for her puppies. Should a rehoming situation arise, she assures that she'll always welcome back any of her breed, demonstrating an enduring sense of responsibility.

A proud participant in dog shows, Sarah has a 4x XL Champion dog and another nearly there. But her ambitions don't stop there. Her goal for 2023 is to breed the "most titled XL American Bully" that is still alive, pushing the boundaries of success.

As she looks forward, Sarah envisions a more united and supportive bully breed community. She longs for a time when social media isn't filled with hate and shade but instead fosters mentorship and understanding. She sees her kennel playing a significant role in this transformation, standing as a beacon of health testing, genetic testing, and community support.

Besides her work at Underground Bullies Kennel, Sarah is also an XLBC and ICBR representative and enjoys creating custom rugs with her husband. Her appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine shows her endorsement of platforms that support women in the bully business.

Sarah Quiroz and Underground Bullies Kennel stand as testament to what dedication, passion, and a commitment to health and community can accomplish in the world of American Bully breeding.

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