Tillman Taylor Kennels: American Bully Breeder in South Carolina

Tillman Taylor Kennels: American Bully Breeder in South Carolina

Holly Tillman, the owner of Tillman Taylor Kennels in South Carolina, is a breeder of American Bullies with a special focus on pockets, exotics, nanos, and micros. Holly fell in love with bully breeds and transitioned from pit bulls to American Bullies for their calm temperaments.

At Tillman Taylor Kennels, health is a top priority. They have performed health testing on their dogs, including Embark and basic OFA tests for eyes, cardiac, and patellas.

But it's not just physical health that Holly focuses on, socialization is also a crucial aspect of her breeding program. Holly and her team make sure that each puppy is exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, textures, other dogs and animals, and children, which makes for a smooth transition into their new homes. Many customers have praised the quality temperaments of their puppies.

Holly has a particular fondness for the Louis V line, with many of her dogs tracing back to Louis V or closely related to him like one of their main studs Bauhaus. In Holly's opinion, a responsible dog breeder is one who puts care and effort into each planned breeding for the purpose of complimenting one another, where one lacks the other makes up for it.

When it comes to diet, Holly feeds her dogs 4Health dog food, switching up the flavor every so often. They don't add any special supplements as they feel their genetics are the most true representation of a dog. They also recommend other brands such as Diamond, Proplan, and Victor.

Adult dogs at the kennel are fed once a day and are fasted once a week, while older puppies are fed twice a day and younger ones are fed three times a day. To keep the dogs in shape, the main exercise routine is through play with one another.

When a potential buyer is looking to purchase a puppy from her kennel, Holly discusses their purpose for the puppy, whether it be for show, breeding, or as a pet. She also asks about the buyer's preferences for a specific type of temperament and sends them a puppy contract to review. The puppies are not allowed to go home until they are at least 8 weeks old.

Holly offers a one-year guarantee against any life-threatening genetic conditions and lifetime support and advice for all of her puppy buyers. She and her kennel used to heavily be involved in dog shows and have plans to show a lot more in the future. Bauhaus, one of her dogs is currently working on his championship title.

Holly's advice for upcoming breeders is to do as much research as possible, find a quality mentor, and be the most critical of their own breeding stock. She believes that kennel blindness is difficult for a lot of breeders to overcome but studying the breed standard and getting the opinion of a judge or mentor could be especially helpful. She looks up to any breeders that are consistently producing quality dogs, do good business, and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers.

In 2023, Holly plans to continue to make upgrades to her facility, get back into shows more, and produce miniature fully functional, correct, and healthy dogs. In the bully breed community, she would like to see more consistency with the productions and adherence to the breed standard as it evolves.

Holly's kennel is different from the competition because it focuses heavily on the satisfaction of the customer and long-term networking. She helps with the promotion of any puppies produced by her studs which includes photography sessions. Photography is a passion of hers and she is glad she is able to apply those skills to her bully breedings for promotional purposes. As a fan of Bully Girl Magazine, Holly has actually had her stud Bauhaus featured on the cover of the magazine a few years ago when he was still a pup. To learn more about Holly and Tillman Taylor Kennels, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play store.

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