Unapologetically Herself: ThinJen's Journey to Body Positivity

Unapologetically Herself: ThinJen's Journey to Body Positivity

Jenny, also known as ThinJen, made a vow in 2012 never to let the scales tip over 300 pounds when she saw herself standing at 295 pounds. This marked the start of her weight loss journey, where she was determined to take back control of her life and body, leading her towards a healthier self. After losing 90 pounds through a regimented caloric diet and exercise under the guidance of non-surgical bariatric doctors and her general practitioner, Jenny hit a roadblock at 205 pounds, where her weight wouldn't budge any further.

A car accident that broke her knee and leg, leaving her immobile for nearly a year and a half, caused her to gain back about 70 pounds. This setback led her general practitioner to suggest weight loss surgery, considering her a good candidate. In May 2019, Jenny underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also known as VSG, which removed 80% of her stomach. This became the tool she needed to maintain her diet and exercise regimen without being hungry, ultimately helping her reach her weight goals by May 2020. Once she maintained her weight, she decided to have her excess skin removed.

Jenny's journey with weight loss opened her eyes to body positivity. Having been on both ends of the weight struggle, she sympathizes with others facing similar challenges. She believes one's value as a human does not come from outward appearance, but rather from being strong and healthy, which she believes are the real goals for a long and happy life. She shares unfiltered pictures and videos on social media to promote body positivity and challenge the false standards set by the media.

Despite the challenges faced during her weight loss journey, such as prolonged periods of not losing weight and the physical toll of her car accident, Jenny never gave up. She underwent a painful skin removal surgery, having 8 pounds of skin removed from her body. While the process was brutal, it was also one of the most rewarding things she had done. The surgery allowed her to finally see the results of her hard work and feel more comfortable in her skin.

Inspired by her journey, Jenny started creating content focused on body positivity and health. She maintained a private Instagram page where she posted her diet, exercises, and progress, inspiring other women going through similar journeys. Her story proves that one can be strong and healthy without having to look perfect, that imperfection is still beautiful. Through her content, Jenny hopes to give others confidence in their skin, showing that the journey is as important as the destination.

As a 40-year-old woman who has battled and overcome weight issues, ThinJen has a wealth of wisdom to share. She believes that age is not a deterrent but a tool that equips us with the wisdom to prioritize what truly matters - health and wellness.

With her weight-loss journey, she discovered that it's not about rushing towards a short-term goal but embracing a lifetime decision to change habits. She found that crash diets and quick-result courses often result in a frustrating yo-yo effect. Her approach was to find a sustainable path, starting with small steps towards increased physical activity and healthier eating. She encourages those struggling with body image to embrace their uniqueness and not compare themselves with others.

ThinJen uses her platform to share diet and exercise ideas, celebrating victories beyond the scale. She hopes to inspire others to live a fuller life by becoming healthier and fitter. She addresses negativity with empathy, understanding that it often stems from the person's unhappiness.

As a woman, ThinJen believes in being unapologetically oneself. She wants other women to draw strength from her own confidence and joy. She emphasizes body positivity by refusing to partner with brands that do not promote inclusivity and not using filters or photoshop to hide her natural appearance.

To stay motivated, she utilizes social media for accountability and sets small, achievable goals. She's currently on a new journey of weightlifting and resistance training, motivated by comments about the potential benefits for her loose skin.

Her followers, inspired by her journey, have shared their success stories. One such follower, Dustin Brown, lost 285 pounds, and ThinJen was able to support him through his journey of getting his loose skin removed.

When it comes to brand collaborations, she's selective, prioritizing partnerships that align with her values and the needs of her audience. She's particularly interested in working with inclusive clothing brands that cater to curvy bodies.

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ThinJen uses MyFitnessPal to track her calories and workouts. She also values the support and inspiration she receives from others on similar journeys.

Her future goals include growing her platform and finding new ways to inspire people, with the dream of becoming a fitness model that represents real women in their full authenticity.

ThinJen's most important lesson from her journey is that everyone's path is unique. She encourages others to be true to themselves, set their own goals, and fully embrace who they are. Her story continues to be an inspiration, and she is excited about future projects and collaborations that will further spread her message of body positivity and health.

Although ThinJen does not have any bully breed dogs at the moment. She is a big fan of the breed and the brand, and is definitely recognized as a Bully Girl in the eyes of the BGM Community for hard work and accomplishments in life.

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