The Ultimate Way to Make Your Pit Bull Bigger and More Muscular

The Ultimate Way to Make Your Pit Bull Bigger and More Muscular

There are only two ways that can make your Pit Bull bigger and more muscular (this goes for all bully breed dogs as well) – making them obese, or helping them to gain muscle mass and endurance. Of course, no one wants to make his/her bully pup fat because obesity and diabetes in dogs are not just gossip, and can be a serious problem.  

Obesity is not a major health problem only for Pit Bulls, but also for other dog breeds as well. What leads to dogs becoming overweight is lack of exercise and wrong food intake (in terms of quantity or type of food). If a dog is overweight, he can suffer from numerous diseases such as: liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, etc. Diabetes can also be a result of excessive intake of fat and sugar, which can slowly but surely destroy the pancreas.

An obese pit bull is in such a situation because of his human parents. They are the ones to blame for improper feeding and rare exercising. Just like the owners can be solely responsible for the dog’s health problems, they can also be capable and responsible for making their pit bull stronger and bigger means of muscle mass. A strong and active pit bull is the one that has well-built muscles.

There are few things you will need to get started working on those bully muscles: a harness, spring pole, quality commercial dog food, and an alternative type of meat protein source (fish or chicken). Optionally, you can also get a treadmill and tire (although any type of weight will do).   

Do it Slowly

The biggest mistake that owners make is that they want to see the results fast. They usually get caught up in all the excitement once the bully breed puppy is under their wings, and tend to over-feed him. There isn't a single positive thing about over-feeding your puppy. It can lead to some major health problems in the future and many of them are irreversible. You must start observing the puppy’s diet while he is still young, and modify it gradually.

The secret in promoting a muscular build, is feeding the Pit Bull puppy food that provides the essential ten amino acids derived from proteins. These amino acids are important, not just for the building of the muscles, but for the strengthening of the skeletal system as well. These essential amino acids are found in quality commercial dog food, specially made for large breed puppies. You can expect them to be more expensive than the rest of the brands, but the outcome makes it worth it.

Learn About the Body

Learn how the body of your Pit Bull works, and when it’s the best time to adjust his diet, in regards to the quantity of food and feeding intervals. Pit Bulls, American pit bull terriers, and other bully breed dogs reach their maximum height at about one year of age. Their muscles rapidly develop from 18 to 24 months of age. During this period you should strongly focus on building those muscles. By the third year, the Pit Bull should be fully anatomically developed.

Implement a Proper Feeding Regimen

It’s better to give your dog food more frequently and in smaller portions, rather than serving a bunch of food in just one or two servings throughout the day. Identify the daily quantity of food your Pit Bull needs, and divide it into four portions.

Serve the first regular meal (one-fourth of the dog’s daily portion) at around 8:00 am. Three hours later, (at 11:00 am) give a piece of fish or chicken. Two hours later, (1:00 pm) serve the second regular meal (one-fourth of the dog’s daily portion), followed by another piece of fish or chicken at 3:00 pm. Give the third meal at 5:00 pm and the fourth meal at 8:00 pm. That’s the feeding regime for one day.

In case your dog is allergic to chicken and fish, you should consult your veterinarian about the best possible alternative before starting with this feeding regimen. Your vet knows your dog the best, so listen to the advice he or she is giving you.

Implement muscle building exercises

Proper diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to a ripped Pit Bull body. One way to train the dog’s endurance is with weight pulling. You can perform this using a tire, or any other weight, for the dog to pull with a harness. One more thing you can do is install a spring in your yard, and exercise the bully’s jaw and neck by pulling the spring pole. These activities are both fun and healthy for the dog, so expect him to enjoy performing them. Do them as often as possible. Two 15-20 minute sessions throughout the day should be enough. However, you can always increase the amount of time to achieve better results. Never push your dog beyond what he is capable of performing. Whenever he grows tired, stop for the day, and continue exercising the following morning.

During the exercises, your bully breed dog or Pit Bull will tire their muscles often. However, as long as the diet is properly maintained, the tired muscles will rapidly rebuild, and there won’t be any significant obstacles in continuing regular training. Never use cooling ointments or anti-inflammatory medications during training, without consulting with your vet first.    

Cardio is important

Make sure you reserve 5-15 minutes of your free time to perform short cardio workouts with your dog every day. Never exceed the 15-minute mark, as it won’t make the pup stronger or healthier in any way, it will only burn him. Extending cardio workouts to 1 or 2 hours per day, not only disables muscle growth, but it can actually make the muscles get thinner.

The preferred cardio workouts available for any owner is a morning walk or even better a morning run. Using a treadmill is better because it helps you control the speed better. If you can provide a treadmill, and teach your pitbull how to use it, you will reach goals even faster. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise, you can add a weight vest, while carefully monitoring your Pit Bull to make sure he/she can handle the added intensity.

Getting your dog used to cardio takes time. You can't just buy a treadmill, put on a weight vest and let him run at an insane speed. The first two months of cardio should be just regular 10-15 minute walking. In the next two months, the walking routine can be modified into a faster paced walk or 10-15 minute running routine. Once you achieve some level of endurance, you can introduce the treadmill and add on some form of weight for intensity.


Patience is Key

In conclusion, building your bully breed dog or Pit Bull’s muscles, takes time and dedication. However, it’s the only healthy way to make them look bigger. An athletic body makes the dog look and feel better. Bigger muscles enhance the dog’s strength and range of motion, which can prevent any possible injuries in the future. We all love our dogs and want only what’s best for them. Since they are so obedient, it’s up to us whether they will eat and exercise properly to maintain their physical and mental health.   

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