The Fashion Kennel and Dark Web Bullies

The Fashion Kennel and Dark Web Bullies

In sunny Florida, with roots in Missouri and New York, Kurtis Watkins, also known as Chico, passionately breeds micros, exotics, pockets, and French Bulldogs at The Fashion Kennel and Dark Web Bullies. His love for these little monsters began at the tender age of 8 or 9 with his first dog, an all-black pit bull mix named Jazz. Since then, Chico has been dedicated to the world of bullies.

Health and well-being are of utmost importance at his kennels. Both the French Bulldogs and the bullies undergo thorough health testing, including basic panels, cardiac, and joint evaluations. Chico is committed to ensuring the mental and physical readiness of each dog for breeding, striving for the best version of the breed with every carefully planned and calculated mating.

All puppies at The Fashion Kennel and Dark Web Bullies are well-socialized and exposed to various experiences to ensure they are well-rounded and ready for their forever homes. Chico enjoys defying the misconceptions about bully breeds by showcasing their personalities and introducing them to the public. He believes that responsible breeders should prioritize health testing, proper care, and the breed's betterment.

Chico's dogs are kept on a diet of Diamond Naturals dog food with added raw meat and supplements. To keep them in top shape, they engage in daily walks, fetch, swimming, and sled pulling. His passion and dedication to the breed can be seen in the support he offers to his puppies' new owners, standing behind their genetics and providing assistance when needed.

With an eye for innovation, Chico is excited about his up-and-coming bloodline called Dripline, featuring eye-catching Merles with impressive structures and heads. He is also an admirer of The BullyCampline in the micro game.

Chico's kennel stands out from the competition because of his dedication to perfect structure and his willingness to ensure successful breedings for those who use his studs. He believes in helping everyone succeed in the bully breeding world. Apart from breeding, Chico spends his free time with his dogs, enjoying the beach and trail walks.

His vision for the bully breed community in the next decade is one of unity and maintaining high standards. For Chico, it's about people coming together for the love of the breed and breeding the right dogs for the right reasons. In 2023, he looks forward to launching the Bully Carpet, a show organized by his wife, celebrating the breed and prospering as a kennel.

Chico and his kennel appreciate the message and community that Bully Girl Magazine represents, recognizing its commitment to upholding and supporting the standards for the breed and its breeders. As a breeder, Chico's ultimate goal is to share his love and passion for these little monsters with the world.

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