Sunny Florida Frenchie: French Bulldog Breeder in Florida

Sunny Florida Frenchies: French Bulldog Breeder in Florida

Meet Melissa Bostick, the proud owner of Sunny Florida Frenchies, a kennel located in Tampa, Florida. Melissa has a passion for all dogs, but her love for Frenchies is what inspired her to make the switch from breeding Pomeranians.

At Sunny Florida Frenchies, health is the top priority. That's why they perform four-panel health testing and cystinuria testing on all their breeding dogs. And when it comes to socializing their puppies, playtimes and interaction with Melissa's daughter are key. Their favorite bloodline is the Nino Brown bloodline, which they have carefully built over time.

Melissa follows a fish-based dry food diet for her dogs, and uses raw food to bulk them up. She feeds her adult dogs twice a day and her puppies three times a day in smaller portions. To keep her dogs in shape, Melissa takes them for playtimes in the mornings and evenings when the Florida heat is not too harsh.

If you're interested in purchasing a pup from Sunny Florida Frenchies, Melissa will start with a phone or email interview to make sure a French Bulldog is the right fit for you and your family. Once you've reserved your puppy with a deposit, you'll be able to take it home once it's eight weeks old, has a health certificate and its first set of shots. Melissa offers a one-year health guarantee and is always available for mentorship.

Melissa and her kennel also show their dogs, and they're proud to say that their stud Narco won Best in Show, Winner Takes All, and Best Merle at the Battle of the Frenchies in Miami. Her advice for upcoming breeders is to stay positive and to love what they do, as the end result is rewarding.

Melissa's main goal for 2023 is to mix the bloodlines of her two studs, Nino Brown and Narco. In the future, she hopes to see the Bully Breed community strive for better quality and healthier dogs. She believes what sets her kennel apart is their positive attitude and commitment to doing what's right. In her free time, Melissa loves to travel and is looking forward to a vacation once her current litter is finished. She also enjoys reading Bully Girl Magazine and appreciates the different stories it features.

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