Stunning American Bully: XL American Bully Breeder in Florida

Stunning American Bully: XL American Bully Breeder in Florida

Vava, the passionate dog lover behind Stunning American Bully, a kennel located in Miami, Florida, has been enamored with dogs since she was young, particularly the molosser breed. She grew up surrounded by animals and adopted her first purebred dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Fonzi, at the age of 17. When Vava moved to the United States, she discovered the XL American Bully and instantly fell in love. Two years later, she got her first American Bully, which became the foundation of her breeding program with her husband.

Dedicated to the health and well-being of their dogs, Vava and her husband perform Embark DNA tests on all of them and are in the process of conducting OFA & PennHip tests as well. To ensure their puppies are well-socialized, they expose them to various noises and interactions with children, helping them feel secure in any environment.

Vava doesn't have a favorite bloodline, but she admires Willy Wonka, a notable dog in the bully community. She believes that responsible breeders prioritize the health, structure, and temperament of their dogs rather than solely focusing on colors. To produce quality dogs, it's essential to identify the weaknesses in one's breeding program and use complementary studs or females to improve the structure.

The dogs at Stunning American Bully enjoy a diet of kibbles mixed with raw toppings and daily probiotics. Vava recommends PetCurean for sensitive dogs and a mix of Victor and Purina Pro for the others. She feeds her dogs once a day, with younger ones eating two to three times daily. To keep the dogs in shape, they play in the backyard, engage with flirt poles, and go for walks as often as possible.

Purchasing a puppy from Stunning American Bully is a smooth process that starts with a deposit to reserve a spot. Future owners receive regular updates with photos and videos of their puppies. When the puppies are ready to go to their forever homes, owners receive the necessary paperwork, a health certification, vaccination records, a bag of kibbles, and some accessories. Vava also offers delivery within the US.

While Vava ensures that her puppies are healthy when they leave her kennel, she doesn't guarantee against hip and elbow dysplasia due to the complex genetic and environmental factors involved. She plans to start showing her dogs in 2024.

Vava's advice for upcoming breeders is to be passionate, do research, and learn from other breeders. The most significant challenge for those in the bully game is acquiring the right foundation dog to establish their kennel. By continuously learning and improving, breeders can overcome this obstacle.

In the bully game, Vava looks up to passionate breeders who genuinely want to improve the breed rather than those who are in it for the money. Her main goal for 2023 is to establish her kennel's name and produce amazing dogs.

What sets Stunning American Bully apart is the sense of family that comes with purchasing a puppy. Vava meticulously plans her breedings and carefully selects the studs and females to produce healthy and beautiful puppies that make perfect family companions.

In addition to her breeding endeavors, Vava has also launched a pet accessories brand called Heady Doggs, offering quality collars for both large and small dogs.

Vava appreciates Bully Girl Magazine for showcasing kennels and providing a platform for breeders to learn from one another.

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