SM Mini Bullies: Miniature American Bully Breeder in Oklahoma

SM Mini Bullies: Miniature American Bully Breeder in Oklahoma

Meet Cesar Bonilla, also known as CeBo, the owner and breeder of SM Mini Bullies located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CeBo breeds a variety of Bully breeds, but his specialty is what he likes to call Miniature American Bullies. He was inspired to shrink these dogs down decades ago when he wished his American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was miniaturized, making it easier to travel with and less of a problem for landlords. Now, he just loves having small, compact dogs for family and travel reasons. They're easier to maintain and less cost-effective to feed. CeBo believes this is the direction the breeding game is heading.

CeBo only does the generic health screening through Animal Genetics and plans on getting all of his dogs Embarked. He makes sure his puppies are well socialized by having his five kids take turns spending time with them. His house is usually very noisy with crying, yelling, video games, and TV, and he has visitors that come over. To wind down, he plays some praise and worship music for them. His puppies have plenty of stimulation toys to play with of different textures.

When it comes to bloodlines, CeBo has several favorites, but if he had to choose, he would pick Rocko Blood. He also likes Devil Spit Blood and Veneno Blood. CeBo believes that a responsible dog breeder is someone who does their due diligence to investigate if they're selling a puppy to someone who will take proper care of the puppy and that it's not ending up in a bad home or puppy mill. CeBo also says, a responsible dog breeder is someone who keeps up with kennel maintenance.

CeBo feeds his dogs Merrick brands of kibble, freeze-dried raw, wet food, and broth. From time to time, he hooks them up with some raw treats. He used to do BARF diets but not anymore. He recommends Merrick all the way, even though he's heard some stuff about it, he loves the way his dogs look on it. He's tried other foods like Purina Pro Plan, Victor, Value Pak, and many more, but only thinks that Earthborn is decent and that's because he believes it's a Sportmix brand. CeBo feeds his dogs once or twice a day depending on the portion, usually just once.

CeBo keeps his dogs in shape by taking them outside several times throughout the day and doing some workouts like playing fetch, teasing them with a flirt pole, or they hang on a spring pole. The best exercise they get is in the summer with the water hose. They love to chase it, and get to sprint, jump, and cool down at the same time. CeBo is passionate about breeding Miniature American Bullies and making sure they're well taken care of. He's dedicated to doing his due diligence and making sure his puppies end up in loving homes.

The process of purchasing a pup from CeBo's kennel starts with an initial inquiry, during which CeBo will ask a series of questions to ensure that the potential buyer is a good fit for one of their puppies. Once the buyer is interested, CeBo will ask for a deposit to reserve a pick from an upcoming litter. The buyer will receive an email receipt with a typed statement of the agreement and when the agreed time comes to make a pick, the buyer can make another payment. The puppy doesn't have to be paid in full until shipping day. CeBo offers a "Pet Manny" service, where they personally fly the pup as a carry-on bag to certain destinations.

CeBo's puppy sales come with health certificates, and they are happy to switch out a puppy if there are any serious genetic health problems that will affect breeding. However, if the buyer has become attached to the puppy, CeBo will offer an alternative. They stand behind their puppies and offer support for life with any questions or concerns on what to do.

CeBo shows their dogs as much as possible, although they have stopped showing in ABKC because their dogs have gotten too short to qualify. They still attend ABKC shows as spectators, and they also show in other venues such as BRC, ABR, and USBR.

CeBo's advice to upcoming breeders is to focus on the female, as she needs to be an "absolute beast." They believe that kennel blindness, where you have hard work, pride, and sentimental attachment to your dogs, can be difficult to overcome, but suggest going to more shows and seeing more dogs better than yours to adjust your vision and change your taste in dogs.

CeBo looks up to God as the ultimate breeder and also has respect for many accomplished and knowledgeable breeders such as Jamie Sweet, Ron Ramos, Dave Wilson, and Shawn Mullins.

CeBo's main goal for 2023 is to get their females pregnant and produce their stud. They hope that in 10 years, the bully breed community will be more accepting of people's breed of choice.

CeBo believes that what separates them from the competition is that they offer additional services such as photography, videography, graphic design, and whelping services, as well as almost 2 decades of experience in breeding. They also have a "Pet Manny" service. CeBo also volunteers at their church in the production team and has other hobbies and interests. To learn more about CeBo, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine, and download the Bully Girl Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

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  • Lee Jacobs

    I am a client of Cesar and I appreciate everything he has done for me, sharing his knowledge, tips, information and most of all being supportive. Thank you Cesar CeBo Bonilla

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