Shock-N-Aw Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Arizona

Shock-N-Aw Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Arizona

Britney 'Byrnes' Fredrickson is the owner of Shock-N-Aw Bullies, a kennel located in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in breeding XL American Bullies. Britney became interested in the breed when she was young, and was drawn to their large size and determination. She has always been passionate about dogs and was determined to prove that the stigma surrounding the breed was wrong.

Shock-N-Aw Bullies is committed to the health and well-being of bully breed dogs and performs various tests, including embark test, OFA, and local tests, to ensure that her breeding dogs are genetically healthy. She also socializes her puppies extensively, exposing them to a variety of new environments, sounds, smells, and touches to help them become confident and well-adjusted.

Britney's favorite bloodline is the GK line, which she believes produces confident dogs with high drive and thick bones that bring size to other lines of bullys. She also believes that responsible breeders should be able to prove the worth of their dogs through accomplishments and titles, whether it be in showing or other activities.

Britney feeds her dogs a raw diet that she prepares at home, using discounted meats from local stores and scraps from hunting friends. She also recommends checking out for unbiased information on dog food brands and suggests that those interested in raw feeding do their own research to ensure they are properly balancing their dog's meals. Britney feeds her dogs twice a day, depending on their age and activity level.

Britney is dedicated to keeping her dogs in shape and trains them consistently to provide them with physical and mental exercise. At Shock-N-Aw-Bullies they  use a variety of techniques, such as flirt poles, tug work, and long recalls, to build drive and confidence in her dogs. In the summer, when it is too hot for more strenuous activity, Britney swims her dogs for basic exercise.

Britney is selective about who she sells her puppies to and requires potential buyers to fill out a detailed questionnaire and provide references before she will consider approving breeding rights. She also requires buyers to sign a contract with guarantees on both sides and will suggest a puppy that will fit the buyer's lifestyle. Britney offers health guarantees for her puppies, but also emphasizes that a puppy's environment plays a major role in their development and well-being. She has a network of trainers that she can recommend to new owners, and if they are local, she encourages them to attend training classes with her.

Britney is an experienced show breeder and has the first XL Grand Champion in ABKC from 2011, as well as multiple champion dogs with champion titles in various registries. She continues to travel to shows and aims to achieve more Champions and Grand Champions in the future. Britney has some advice for upcoming breeders, including choosing foundation stock carefully, having a reason to breed beyond just producing more dogs, and breeding for purpose rather than popularity. She also advises that breeders be prepared for the emotional and financial toll that breeding can take, including losses and costly vet visits.

Britney believes that the most difficult thing for people in the bully game is the influence of social media on the breed, which can elevate dogs with serious flaws or poor quality to popularity. She advises breeders to focus on physically seeing dogs and promoting those that are representative of the breed rather than relying on social media. She also recommends studying the written standard for the American Bully in depth and breeding to that standard rather than to popular dogs. Britney looks up to those in the bully game who work their dogs and are humble, always striving to better themselves and their dogs.

In 2023, Britney's main goal is to have fun with her dogs and try out new activities. She is excited to start training her 8 month old puppies in various instinct events, such as dock diving and barn hunt, and hopes to achieve a Champion title for her female puppy, Kat. Britney also hopes to finish up some titles that she and her 9 year old dog, Titanium, have started working on, and possibly even achieve a BH.

Britney's vision for the bully breed community 10 years from now is for breeders to focus on improving the breed and for show wins to be taken more seriously. She also hopes to see more consistency in the standard for all sizes of American Bullies. Britney believes that what sets her kennel apart from the competition is their combination of a show and working style, as well as their dedication to pushing their dogs to achieve more both mentally and physically.

In addition to breeding and training dogs, Britney has a full-time job and enjoys spending her free time camping, traveling, and exploring the outdoors with her CANAM. She is also a big fan of Bully Girl Magazine, and loves that it features a mix of old and new articles and pictures.

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