Redline_Kennel: XL, Pocket & Exotic Bully Breeder in Chicago, IL

Redline Kennel: XL, Pocket & Exotic Bully Breeder in Chicago, IL

Meet Anthony Williams, the proud owner of Redline_Kennel located in the scenic Lake County, just north of Chicago, Illinois. Anthony and his wife, Janeen Williams, specialize in breeding XL and Pocket Exotic Bullies, but their journey began long before their kennel came to life.

As a child, Anthony was born and raised around Pitbull Terriers, and his love for the breed has never wavered. Inspired by his upbringing and fueled by his passion, he ventured into the world of breeding with a mission to carry on the legacy of these magnificent dogs.

At Redline_Kennel, they prioritize the health and well-being of their breeding dogs. They perform rigorous tests, such as DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) testing to assess the genetic health conditions. Additionally, they conduct NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) testing to detect signs of epilepsy, dementia, and vision loss. Through these tests, they ensure that their breeding dogs possess desirable traits and maintain optimal muscle structure.

Socialization plays a vital role in preparing their puppies for their new homes. Being a family-owned kennel, Redline_Kennel integrates their pups into daily activities, exposing them to children and other breeds of dogs. This early socialization helps nurture their pups into well-rounded, friendly companions.

When it comes to bloodlines, Anthony is enamored with Devil Spit, Venom, and Hulk, among others. These bloodlines captivate him with their unique characteristics and exceptional qualities.

Anthony acknowledges some common misconceptions about the bully breed, particularly the belief that they are aggressive. In reality, bullies are known for their passive nature, their loyalty, and their role as protective family members. By addressing these misconceptions with potential puppy buyers and the public, he aims to educate and dispel any negative stereotypes associated with these remarkable dogs.

For Anthony, the characteristics of a responsible dog breeder are multifaceted. It involves maintaining a healthy breed, ensuring a clean environment, and attentively observing each dog's production for any flaws. By capitalizing on these insights, breeders can continuously improve and enhance their bloodlines.

When it comes to diet, Anthony believes in a strong protein-based diet for his dogs. While dry kibbles and raw meat form the foundation, he also includes a variety of supplements to provide balanced nutrition.

He recommends specific brands of dog food such as Blue Diamond, BullyMax, and Liquid Gold, along with non-dog food items like peanut butter, to enhance the dietary options for his dogs.

Feeding routines are tailored to the age and needs of the dogs. Puppies are fed three to four times daily, while adult dogs receive two larger portions to sustain their energy levels.

To keep their dogs in prime shape throughout the year, Anthony incorporates various activities. Daily interactions with family members provide exercise and engagement for the pups. Long walks, treadmill sessions for adult dogs, and weight pulling exercises for studs contribute to their overall fitness.

Anthony passionately guides potential buyers through the process of purchasing a pup from Redline_Kennel. After initial contact through media outlets like email or social media, a phone call or FaceTime is scheduled to gauge compatibility. Once the perfect pup is chosen from available litters, discussions about prices, contracts, and additional features like ear cropping, shipping, and care packages ensue. After fulfilling the deposit and contract requirements, a safe meeting place is arranged for the buyer and breeder to finalize the transaction.

Redline_Kennel provides health guarantees and ongoing support for their puppies. Every pup comes with up-to-date shot records, and Anthony is always available to offer advice and assistance throughout the lifetime of the dog, depending on availability.

While returns or rehoming of puppies are rare at Redline_Kennel, they have contingency plans in place. In the event that a pup or adult dog needs to be returned, Redline_Kennel has ample space to accommodate them. Alternatively, a family member may step in and provide a loving home for the dog, ensuring its well-being and happiness.

Although Anthony doesn't currently show his dogs, he aspires to build his brand further and strengthen his bloodline before considering entering the show ring. He recognizes the value of showcasing his dogs and believes that it will elevate his kennel's reputation and contribute to the breed's recognition.

When asked about advice for upcoming breeders, Anthony emphasizes the importance of staying clear of hypocrites, practicing patience, and expecting the unexpected. Consistency and a laser focus on building their brand are essential, but above all, he emphasizes the significance of genuine love for the dogs and their welfare.

The bully game, like any other field, has its challenges. Anthony believes that one of the most difficult hurdles is the financial and time commitment required. Overcoming this requires sacrifices, investing time, effort, and money, and continuously learning and expanding one's knowledge about the breed.

Anthony looks up to several renowned kennels in the bully game, including Dog Dynasty, Eastcoast Exotic, and Ash & Stone Bullies. These kennels inspire him with their dedication to the breed and the impact they have made in the community.

In terms of goals for 2023, Anthony's primary objective is to bring more recognition to Redline_Kennel and the entire Midwest region. He envisions a future where bully breeds are accepted and valued on a higher platform, including their utilization as service dogs and law enforcement companions.

Looking ahead ten years, Anthony hopes to see a more inclusive and accepting bully breed community. He envisions a society where these remarkable dogs are recognized for their abilities, including their potential to serve as handicap assistance dogs and contribute to law enforcement efforts.

What sets Redline_Kennel apart from the competition is Anthony's genuine love for his dogs and his commitment to preserving and strengthening his bloodline. Unlike those who breed solely for profit, Anthony's priority lies in the well-being and longevity of his main stud and his bloodline.

Outside of his kennel, Anthony indulges in other hobbies and interests. While his dogs are his ultimate passion and lifestyle, he also has a deep appreciation for cars. Thus, he finds joy in combining his love for dogs and cars, creating a well-rounded set of hobbies that keep him engaged and fulfilled.

When asked about Bully Girl Magazine, Anthony expresses his admiration for the publication. He appreciates how it provides a platform for top breeders and emerging breeders to showcase their work and contribute to the community. It was an honor for him to be featured in the magazine, further solidifying his commitment to his dogs and the breed.

As the conversation with Anthony Williams of Redline_Kennel comes to a close, one thing becomes clear: his dedication to the bully breed and his desire to make a positive impact in the community. With his passion, knowledge, and unwavering love for his dogs, Anthony is shaping the future of the bully breed, one pup at a time.

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