Inside Pretty Boy Kennels: Lorenzo Smith's Passion for Bully Breeds

Inside Pretty Boy Kennels: Lorenzo Smith's Passion for Bully Breeds

In the heart of Ypsilanti, Michigan, Lorenzo Smith runs Pretty Boy Kennels, a name that has begun to resonate within the bully breed community. Lorenzo's journey into the world of micro bullies, pocket bullies, and exotic French bulldogs started from a place of personal passion and a desire to invest in what he loves most - dogs. His entry into breeding was sparked by the loss of his mother and a subsequent deep dive into the world of bully breeds on YouTube. Captivated by their muscular physique and commanding presence, Lorenzo quickly transitioned from an admirer to a dedicated breeder, expanding his family with fifteen more dogs within months.

Health and Wellbeing: A Top Priority

At Pretty Boy Kennels, the health and wellbeing of each puppy are paramount. Lorenzo ensures that both parents and pups undergo thorough genetic health testing through animal genetics before any puppy leaves the kennel. This commitment to health underscores Lorenzo's dedication to his dogs and his role as a responsible breeder.

Socialization and Preparation for New Homes

Understanding the importance of early socialization, Lorenzo takes steps to ensure his puppies are confident and well-adjusted before moving to their new homes. He introduces them to the public in controlled environments, fostering their social skills and preparing them for a seamless transition to their forever families.

Battling Misconceptions with Education

Lorenzo faces the challenge of misconceptions about bully breeds head-on, especially the confusion between bullies and pit bulls. He addresses these stereotypes by demonstrating the gentle nature of his dogs, often showcasing how his 9-year-old daughter effortlessly interacts with them.

The Life of a Responsible Breeder

A day in the life at Pretty Boy Kennels involves meticulous care and attention to detail. Lorenzo emphasizes the importance of a clean living environment, regular feeding schedules, and comprehensive care, including health insurance for his dogs. This level of commitment sets the standard for what he believes is responsible breeding.

Nutrition and Fitness: The Cornerstones of Health

Feeding his dogs twice a day and maintaining a strict diet ensures they stay in peak condition. While walking 16 dogs can be challenging, Lorenzo makes it work with trips to the dog park, ensuring both his Frenchies and Bullies get the exercise they need.

The Process of Bringing a Puppy Home

Lorenzo outlines a clear and transparent process for those interested in bringing one of his puppies home, emphasizing the importance of a deposit, regular updates, and a commitment to the puppy's health and well-being through vaccinations and thorough documentation.

Beyond the Kennel: Community and Advice

Lorenzo's approach extends beyond just breeding. He actively participates in social media and dog shows, shares advice with upcoming breeders, and emphasizes the importance of passion in the breeding business. He also addresses challenges within the bully community, advocating for research, networking, and education as tools for overcoming obstacles.

Vision for the Future and Personal Insights

Looking forward, Lorenzo aims to grow his business with integrity, hoping for a future where the bully breed is perfected and free from health issues. He views the bully community not as competition but as a collective from which to learn and grow. Outside of breeding, Lorenzo's life revolves around his family, showcasing a balance between personal and professional passions.

The Heart of Pretty Boy Kennels

At the core of Pretty Boy Kennels is a story of passion, dedication, and a deep love for dogs. Lorenzo Smith's journey reflects a commitment to quality, health, and community within the bully breed world. His vision and approach not only set Pretty Boy Kennels apart but also contribute to a broader understanding and appreciation of bully breeds.

As this story unfolds, it serves as a testament to the power of passion and the impact of responsible breeding practices. For those interested in learning more about Lorenzo, Pretty Boy Kennels, or the bully breed community, subscribing to Bully Girl Magazine and downloading the Bully Girl Mobile App offers an opportunity to stay connected and informed.

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