Palacio Bully Camp: American Bully Breeder in Miami, Florida

Palacio Bully Camp: American Bully Breeder in Miami, Florida

Adrian and Jayline Palacio are the proud owners of Palacio Bully Camp, a Miami-based kennel that specializes in breeding the "True American Bully Breed." Their passion for the breed began with their foundation dog, Zelda, who embodies the perfect traits they wanted to replicate in their breeding program - health, temperament, structure, and mobility.

The Palacios take the health of their breeding dogs seriously and conduct yearly physicals, blood work, cardio checks, and hip tests to ensure they're breeding only the healthiest dogs. The puppies are then socialized within their families and friends, receiving proper attention to make sure they are healthy, well-fed, potty trained, and stress-free by the time they go to their new homes.

The Palacios have a favorite bloodline, the Zeldaline, which includes some of the most impressive American Bullies out there. They believe that a responsible breeder should prioritize the health of their dogs above all else and make sure each puppy is well-cared for and loved.

The dogs at Palacio Bully Camp are fed a diet of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon, Acana poultry chicken and turkey, and sometimes ground beef. They recommend these brands for their quality and reliability, and feed their dogs twice a day to keep them well-fed.

The Palacios keep their dogs in shape throughout the year by taking them for walks, runs, and playing with them. They believe in maximizing their dogs' energy by spreading out playtime throughout the day, training them for show, and keeping them active and engaged.

If you're interested in getting a pup from Palacio Bully Camp, the process is simple and customer-focused. You'll be able to narrow down your choices by size and color, and choose your pup based on photos, pedigree, and a video and photos of their grandparents. The Palacios are always available to answer any questions and provide support, and they offer health guarantees and vet checks to ensure you're getting a healthy pup. They believe that the more you know about the American Bully breed, the better you'll do with it, and they're always willing to share their knowledge and experience with their clients.

The Palacios are a family of American Bully enthusiasts and breeders, who are making a name for themselves in the bully world. They don't show any of their dogs at the moment but they have a rich history of clients achieving great success in the ring with their productions. Despite a setback caused by the pandemic, the Palacios have their sights set on making a return to the ring soon.

For upcoming breeders, the Palacios have one piece of advice: Follow your own vision. Don't let anyone else dictate what you do or steer you away from your goals. Everything is earned, not given, so put in the hard work and don't forget to show your animals love.

One of the biggest challenges in the bully game, according to the Palacios, is knowing the difference between quality and quantity. It's important to breed dogs that complement each other in terms of health, physical appearance, and pedigree. To overcome this, the Palacios suggest doing your research, studying the breed and the bloodlines, and making decisions based on your own knowledge and experience while also taking guidance from others who have more experience.

The Palacios don't look up to anyone in the bully game currently, but they hold the late Ed Shepard in high regard. He was a hard worker who created a legacy with his dog, Dax, who can be found in almost every bloodline in the world.

In 2023, the Palacios' main goal is to continue to build their kennel by producing high-quality American bulldogs. They hope that in ten years, the bully breed community will have fewer backyard breeders and more educated and responsible breeders who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

What sets the Palacios apart from the competition? They have always been focused on consistency in their line, and they work hard to create a specific look that sets them apart while maintaining the health of the breed. Their promotional skills and their focus on showcasing their female dogs are also key differentiators.

When they're not breeding bulldogs, the Palacios enjoy a wide range of hobbies, including cars, graphic design, photography, videography, and dog training. They are also big fans of Bully Girl Magazine and appreciate the opportunities it provides for breeders and bullies to be seen and heard in the bully world. 

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