Outlawz Bully Kennel: Micro and Pocket Bully Breeder in South Carolina

Outlawz Bully Kennel: Micro and Pocket Bully Breeder in South Carolina

Meet Ricky Stukes, the founder and owner of Outlawz Bully Kennel located in Lexington, South Carolina. His passion for breeding Micro and Pocket Bully Breed dogs stems from his childhood when his uncle owned one, and he was struck by their great personality and size. From that moment, he knew he wanted to own and breed these types of dogs.

As a responsible breeder, Ricky ensures his dogs undergo genetic testing using Embark to provide potential owners with information on the pup's health condition. To socialize his puppies and prepare them for their new homes, he takes them into pet stores and lets them interact with his children. In his opinion, a responsible breeder is one who spends countless sleepless nights with their pups, providing care and attention, and keeping up with their vaccinations.

Ricky doesn't have a specific diet for his dogs, but he recommends wholesome white fish meal and rice dog food. He feeds them twice a day, and to keep them in good shape, he lets them roam and run freely in the 10 acres of land he lives on.

Purchasing a pup from Outlawz Bully Kennel involves first meeting with Ricky and having someone check out the potential buyer's yard and house to ensure they can provide a suitable living environment for the pup. He offers health guarantees and support for his puppies after they go to their new homes.

While Ricky shows his dogs, he prioritizes his breeding, aiming to breed structure, functionality, bone, and head. His main goal for 2023 is to continue breeding dogs with these qualities. Looking into the future, he envisions the bully breed community to be respectful and understanding towards those who may not understand the bully world.

What sets Outlawz Bully Kennel apart is the Forbes bloodline, a bloodline that only two other people in the country possess. Despite being disabled due to a genetic disorder, Ricky stays home with his kids and dogs, working with them when he can. He's also a fan of Bully Girl Magazine and plans to buy more issues.

For anyone looking to get into the bully world, Ricky advises them to be patient and not expect immediate success. One of the most challenging things in the bully game is the "teenage" stage, but it can be overcome with patience.

Ricky's kennel is a testament to his love and dedication to his dogs. With his goal of breeding the best bully dogs, he remains focused on producing healthy and well-behaved puppies.

Ricky looks up to other breeders in the bully game, including Chucktown Bulliez, ZooKrew, Caliwood visions, and Tillman's Kennels. These breeders have been featured in Bully Girl Magazine, which Ricky loves reading, along with his aunt and uncle, who own Forbes, the father of his rare bloodline.

Ricky's love for his dogs is clear, and he takes pride in the quality of the dogs he breeds. His dedication to producing healthy and well-behaved puppies is reflected in the socialization process and the care he provides them. He believes that his dogs' size and personality make them great for families and kids and wants others to experience the joy of owning a bully dog.

Ricky's passion for breeding has not gone unnoticed, and his dogs have become popular in the bully community. With his unique bloodline, attention to detail, and care for his dogs, it's no surprise that Outlawz Bully Kennel has become a top choice for those looking for a new pup.

To learn more about Outlawz Bully Kennel, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

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