Northern Diamond Kennel: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder

Northern Diamond Kennel: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder

In the heart of Alaska, Jodi runs Northern Diamond Kennel, a thriving breeding program with a unique focus on American Bullies and French Bulldogs. With a second home in Arizona, Jodi expertly navigates the world of dog breeding and showing, bringing together the best of both worlds in her exceptional kennel.

Born out of passion and dedication, Northern Diamond Kennel's American Bullies stand out from the crowd. Jodi's commitment to genetic testing and health ensures that her dogs are a cut above the rest. Through thorough Embark genetic testing, Jodi lays the foundation for a strong and healthy bloodline. And it's not just about the genetics – Jodi's love for her dogs is evident in the way she nurtures and raises them.

Puppies at Northern Diamond Kennel are given the best start in life. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and a diverse, enriched environment help the young pups develop resilience and adaptability. By introducing them to various people, sounds, and textures, Jodi prepares the puppies for a seamless transition into their forever homes.

Jodi is no stranger to the misconceptions that surround the bully breed. Taking the time to educate potential puppy buyers and the public, she patiently explains the differences between "pitbulls" and the distinct American Bully breed. Jodi's wealth of knowledge, coupled with her love for her dogs, makes her an ideal ambassador for the breed.

A responsible breeder at heart, Jodi's commitment to her dogs doesn't end when they leave her kennel. She offers lifetime support for all her dogs, keeps an open line of communication with their families, and is always willing to take back a pup or help find an appropriate home if needed. The dogs' welfare is her top priority, and she makes sure that they are always in the best hands.

With a flexible approach to dog diets, Jodi recommends Inukshuk as a kibble base and is a strong advocate for raw feeding when done correctly. She understands that each dog has unique needs and makes sure to cater to them individually.

Jodi's dedication to keeping her dogs in peak physical condition is evident in the various methods she employs throughout the year. From treadmills and leash-free walks to flirt poles and coursing machines, her dogs enjoy diverse and exciting exercise routines that keep them engaged and healthy.

The process of purchasing a pup from Northern Diamond Kennel is as thorough as you'd expect. Jodi takes the time to ensure that each puppy is matched with the right family, making sure to address their needs and expectations. Families receive regular updates and videos of their pup until they finally take them home.

As a seasoned dog breeder, Jodi has some sage advice for newcomers to the bully game: take your time, find a mentor, and learn from others. She believes that a well-rounded knowledge of various breeds and dog sports can help to better one's own breed.

Jodi's main goal for 2023 is to achieve more titles for her two young males, Mantis and Fabio, and to conduct further health testing on her younger dogs. Looking ahead, she envisions a bully breed community that is more active, engaged, and committed to showcasing the incredible potential of these dogs.

Northern Diamond Kennel sets itself apart from the competition with Jodi's patience, openness, and willingness to educate and support newcomers to the breed. Her life revolves around her dogs, making her the perfect advocate for the incredible American Bully breed.

Jodi's admiration for Bully Girl Magazine is a testament to her love for the bully breed and her ongoing quest for knowledge. The way she has embraced Nomograph/titer testing as an innovative health measure for her puppies is a shining example of her commitment to staying ahead in the breeding game.

With her passion, dedication, and expertise, Jodi is a force to be reckoned with in the world of dog breeding. Her focus on providing the best for her dogs and educating others about the breed sets Northern Diamond Kennel apart as an exceptional example of what responsible dog breeding should look like.

In her downtime, Jodi's love for her dogs doesn't waver. Whether she's hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, her furry companions are never far from her side. It's clear that for Jodi, dogs are not just a business – they are her life.

Over the next decade, Jodi hopes to see the bully breed community evolve and grow. She envisions more people participating in shows, sports, and public events with their dogs, showcasing the amazing qualities of these gentle and loving animals. Her dream is for the bully breed to continue gaining recognition and respect as a remarkable, versatile, and well-rounded breed.

As Jodi navigates the ever-changing world of dog breeding and showing, her commitment to the American Bully breed remains unwavering. With her relentless pursuit of knowledge, her willingness to share her wisdom, and her genuine love for her dogs, Jodi is the epitome of a responsible and dedicated breeder.

Through Northern Diamond Kennel, Jodi is not only changing the lives of her dogs but also the lives of the families who adopt them. With each carefully selected match, she helps to spread the love and joy that only a well-bred, well-raised American Bully can bring.

As the years pass, there's no doubt that Jodi and Northern Diamond Kennel will continue to make their mark on the bully breed community. With a solid foundation of health, care, and commitment, Jodi's dogs are destined to thrive in the hands of their loving families, and the legacy of Northern Diamond Kennel will live on in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

To learn more about Jodi and Northern Diamond Kennel, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

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  • Kristen

    I am lucky to call Jodi friend. Coincidentally, we met in AZ, we both grew up in Washington and probably showed at some of the same AKC shows. I value Jodi’s friendship and wisdom. Great article.

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