New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz LLC: Frenchie and Exotic Bully Breeder in NC

New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz LLC: Frenchie and Exotic Bully Breeder in NC


In the heart of Burlington, North Carolina, there's a kennel that stands out among the rest - New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz. Here, Jordan Mahaley, also known as YC, has created a haven for some of the most unique and remarkable bully breeds. In an exclusive interview with Bully Girl Magazine, Jordan opens up about his passion for breeding, his dedication to the well-being of his dogs, and his vision for the future of the bully breed community.

Breeding Passion and Inspiration

It all began three years ago when Jordan welcomed his first fluffy French Bulldog into his life. The love for animals and the thrill of the show ring ignited a fire within him. Jordan's kennel now boasts a variety of breeds, including pocket bullies, nano bullies, standard French Bulldogs, fluffy French Bulldogs, big rope French Bulldogs, and micro English Bulldogs. He believes that each bloodline brings something unique, and when combined, they create something even more exceptional. Jordan is always pushing the boundaries, striving to produce the next best thing in the bully breed world.

Ensuring Health and Genetic Excellence

When it comes to breeding, Jordan prioritizes the health and well-being of his dogs. He understands the importance of genetic testing and utilizes the services of embarkvet to test his breeding dogs for various health conditions and physical traits. By conducting these tests, Jordan ensures that he's producing puppies of the highest quality.

Socialization and Preparation

Preparing puppies for their new homes is a crucial aspect of Jordan's breeding program. Before being rehomed, all pups receive proper vaccinations and vet check-ups. To ensure they are well-socialized, Jordan introduces them to other dogs, puppies, and children, allowing them to interact and grow accustomed to different environments. He also focuses on kennel training and house training, giving his puppies a solid foundation for a smooth transition to their forever homes.

Addressing Misconceptions and Educating the Public

The bully breed community often faces misconceptions that can hinder the adoption of these incredible dogs. Jordan actively addresses these misconceptions when interacting with potential puppy buyers and the general public. One common misconception is that people assume bully breeds are aggressive pit bulls. Jordan passionately emphasizes that his bullies are far from aggressive and are, in fact, loving and loyal companions. He also dispels the notion that they can't walk or have breathing problems due to their short stature. Jordan reassures potential buyers that these dogs have excellent mobility and can run and play just like any other breed, although they may need extra care to stay cool during hot weather.

The Characteristics of a Responsible Dog Breeder

For Jordan, being a responsible breeder means going above and beyond for his dogs. He believes in providing them with the best possible life and ensuring they are not confined to cages 24/7. His dedication goes beyond financial gain; it's rooted in genuine care and individualized attention for each dog. By putting their health and well-being first, Jordan exemplifies the qualities of a responsible breeder.

A Nutritional Regimen for Optimal Health

To maintain the health and vitality of his dogs, Jordan feeds them a diet specifically tailored to their needs. He relies on Diamond Dog Food for small breeds, as it offers a natural and balanced nutrition profile. Additionally, he supplements their diet with Liquid Gold, which provides extra vitamins, minerals, and protein. Jordan's commitment to a proper diet ensures that his dogs thrive throughout the year.

Navigating the Journey of Purchasing a Pup from New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz

When prospective buyers choose to purchase a pup from New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz, Jordan ensures a seamless and personalized experience from start to finish. Once a customer has made up their mind on a specific pup, they can secure it by making a deposit. Jordan offers the option of in-person pickup or personally delivering the pup to their new home, prioritizing direct interaction and customer satisfaction. He takes pride in being involved every step of the way, making sure that each customer receives the exact pup they envisioned. Additionally, New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz offers financing options for those who may need assistance with payment, further demonstrating Jordan's dedication to ensuring that every customer has a chance to experience the joy of owning one of his exceptional bully breeds.

Health Guarantees and Ongoing Support

At New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz, the commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. Jordan provides a 60-day health guarantee for all pups. Within this timeframe, the buyer is required to have the pup checked by a registered vet. If any underlying health conditions are discovered, Jordan offers the option of a refund or the opportunity to choose another pup. This guarantee reflects Jordan's confidence in the health and well-being of his dogs.

Handling Returns and Rehoming

Occasionally, situations arise where a pup or adult dog may not work out in their new home. In such cases, Jordan approaches the matter with empathy and care. If a return or rehoming becomes necessary, Jordan is committed to finding the best solution for the dog's well-being. He works closely with the buyer to understand the specific circumstances and ensures that the dog is placed in a suitable environment where it can thrive.

Showing Excellence in the Ring

Jordan's dedication to the bully breed community goes beyond breeding; he also actively participates in dog shows. Currently, he shows four to five of his exceptional dogs. His mini English Bulldog stud, Boogeyman, takes center stage as his main show dog, displaying the pinnacle of excellence in the ring. Jordan also showcases his fluffy French Bulldog stud, Kodak Black, as well as two females, Blu's Ace, a big rope French Bulldog, and Cruella De Vil, a fluffy French Bulldog. Every Saturday, you can find Jordan and his impressive dogs at various shows across different states.

Advice for Upcoming Breeders

Drawing from his personal journey, Jordan offers valuable advice to aspiring breeders. He emphasizes the importance of conducting business with reputable individuals, ensuring proper paperwork, and obtaining accurate health and genetic information for each pup. Staying positive in the face of challenges, maintaining a clear vision, and staying dedicated and determined are key factors for success in the bully breed game. Jordan also emphasizes the significance of humility, honesty, and legitimacy in all breeding practices, as they pave the way for long-term success and positive contributions to the breed.

Overcoming Challenges in the Bully Breed Game

Jordan acknowledges that the bully breed game poses its own set of challenges. One of the most significant hurdles is establishing a kennel name and gaining recognition worldwide. Additionally, dealing with losses and setbacks can be mentally challenging. Jordan advises breeders to put in the footwork, attend as many shows as possible, invest in promotional efforts, and focus on networking to build a strong support system within the community. Mental preparation and resilience are crucial in overcoming the obstacles that come with the territory.

Idols and Role Models

In the bully breed game, Jordan looks up to two individuals who have made a significant impact. The first is @playboyfrenchbulldogs, who introduced Jordan to the world of fluffy French Bulldogs. This breeder consistently produces high-quality dogs and serves as a valuable resource, offering insightful guidance to those seeking advice. The second person Jordan admires is @thefrenchieproshop. This individual has set the standard in the bully breed game, producing top-quality dogs and operating a program that exemplifies excellence. Despite achieving great success, they remain humble and committed to bettering the breed. Both individuals have made substantial contributions to the community and serve as inspirations for Jordan's own journey.

Main Goals for 2023 and the Future of the Bully Breed Community

Looking ahead to 2023, Jordan has set a specific goal for himself—to establish the bar on the East Coast for mini English Bulldogs. He takes pride in his exceptional stud, Rushmore's son, who is considered the hardest mini English Bulldog on the East Coast. Jordan's determination and perseverance drive him to push his stud to reach its full potential and achieve champion status.

In envisioning the future of the bully breed community, Jordan hopes to witness significant growth and improvement. He aspires to see the bully breed surpass other breeds in terms of size, quality, and reputation. Unity within the community is vital, enabling breeders to educate the public effectively and dispel misconceptions surrounding the breed. By shedding light on the incredible attributes and temperament of bully breeds, Jordan aims to change the narrative and garner more positive recognition for these amazing dogs.

What Sets New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz Apart

When it comes to what sets New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz apart from the competition, Jordan highlights his constant evolution within the game. He understands that the landscape of the bully breed industry is ever-changing, and he strives to stay at the forefront. Offering a diverse range of bully breeds, including pocket bullies, nano bullies, standard French Bulldogs, fluffy French Bulldogs, big rope French Bulldogs, and micro English Bulldogs, Jordan ensures that his kennel has something to offer every enthusiast. The variety in bloodlines and breed combinations enables him to create new and improved generations of dogs.

Beyond the Bully Breed Game

Although Jordan's life revolves around his dogs, he does find time for a few other interests and hobbies. He believes in the importance of self-care and dedicates time to sleep, eat, and work out. He understands that maintaining physical and mental well-being is crucial for both himself and his dogs. By staying healthy and balanced, he can continue to provide the best care and attention to his beloved four-legged companions.

The Impact of Bully Girl Magazine

When asked about Bully Girl Magazine, Jordan expresses his appreciation for the platform and its contribution to spreading awareness about the bully breed community. He recognizes the magazine's efforts to showcase the greatness of the breed and shed light on reputable breeders and their practices. Bully Girl Magazine serves as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking information and insights into the bully breed world.

As the interview comes to a close, Jordan extends his gratitude for the opportunity to share his journey and passion for the bully breed game. He acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and love that go into his kennel, New Height's Frenchie's & Exotic Bullz, and he looks forward to the continued growth and success of his program. With his unwavering commitment to producing exceptional dogs and promoting the positive attributes of the bully breed, Jordan Mahaley is making a significant impact in the bully breed community and leaving his mark on the world of dog breeding.

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