Natural State Bullies: Raising the Bar for American Bully Breeders in Arkansas

Natural State Bullies: Raising the Bar for American Bully Breeders in Arkansas

In the sprawling greens of Warren, Arkansas, DaMarcus Davis, the proud owner of Natural State Bullies, is a testament to what passion and dedication can build. With a heart full of love for American Bullies, DaMarcus's journey into the world of breeding is both inspiring and educational.

The American Bully, with its array of colors, massive structure, and distinctive traits, captured DaMarcus's heart from the start. Beyond their impressive appearance, it's their loving nature, protective instincts, and unparalleled bond with children that truly drew him in. Inspired by the joy and love these dogs brought to his life, he set out to share this emotion with others, marking the birth of Natural State Bullies.

Committed to the health and well-being of his dogs, DaMarcus ensures they undergo comprehensive genetic screenings, particularly for inherited diseases and traits. Collaborating with the University of California, Davis, he performs over 325 different tests, a testament to his dedication to producing only the healthiest litters.

But for DaMarcus, breeding isn't just about genetics; it's about raising well-rounded puppies. From their early weeks, they are immersed in a world of human touch, love, and daily life, ensuring they grow up well-socialized and adaptable. Whether it's the vibrant beats of merengue, the hum of a vacuum, or children's laughter, these puppies experience it all.

While DaMarcus holds the Gottiline bloodline in high regard, he is particularly impressed by breeders who have crafted their unique bloodlines with minimal outcrossing. These breeders have achieved longevity, with Frenchies living beyond 14 years, a testament to their focus on health and temperament.

Addressing the misconceptions surrounding the bully breed, particularly their lifespan and health, DaMarcus takes a proactive approach. By producing healthy dogs that often live past 8 years and educating potential buyers about the breed, he dispels myths and promotes informed decisions.

The essence of a responsible breeder, according to DaMarcus, is honesty, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of the dogs. This ethos is evident in every facet of his operation, from the raw chicken diet and top-tier dog food he provides to the lifelong support he offers to his clients.

The process of purchasing a pup from Natural State Bullies is thorough and personal. It starts with a conversation, understanding the buyer's needs, and ensuring they are a perfect fit. By the time the puppy is ready for their new home, the buyer is well-informed, prepared, and excited.

DaMarcus's commitment doesn't end after the sale. He offers unwavering support to all his clients, ensuring they have someone to turn to for advice, guidance, or even just a chat about their new furry family member.

His advice for budding breeders is clear: breeding should stem from love, not profit. The challenges are many, but the rewards, in terms of joy and fulfillment, are immeasurable.

Looking up to stalwarts in the bully game like Ricky Jackson, Jay King, and Ray Moralez, DaMarcus is inspired by their honesty, commitment, and dedication. Their shared knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable to his journey.

As he looks ahead, DaMarcus dreams of creating his own bloodline and hopes for a bully community that is supportive, united, and drama-free. His vision for Natural State Bullies is global, with the world recognizing and appreciating the love and passion he pours into his work.

Beyond breeding, DaMarcus is a man of many interests. From car races to hiking, kayaking, and traveling, he embraces life with zeal. His appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine, a platform that has spotlighted many like him, is evident in his words.

In the end, DaMarcus Davis's story is one of passion, dedication, and an unwavering love for the American Bully. Through Natural State Bullies, he continues to touch lives, bringing joy to families and setting a gold standard in the world of breeding.

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