Montanas Frenchiies: French Bulldog Breeder in California

Montanas Frenchiies: French Bulldog Breeder in California

Nestled in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, California, a man named Tony is passionately shaping the future of French Bulldog breeding. At the helm of his kennel, Montanas Frenchiies, he's dedicated to crafting an extraordinary breed of French Bulldogs that boasts superior quality and captivating characteristics.

Tony's journey with French Bulldogs commenced when a male pup was gifted to his wife. Their immediate affection for the little Frenchie was so profound that they decided to enrich their lives further by adding a female Frenchie to the family. That marked the inception of their enduring love for this breed and the genesis of Montanas Frenchiies.

Tony's commitment to genetic health is unwavering. Every female dog in his kennel undergoes comprehensive blood tests sent to Animal Genetics. A full panel identifies any potential blood diseases that might be passed on to their puppies, ensuring that every pup is born healthy and strong. Tony's dedication to this level of meticulous screening underscores his commitment to breed integrity.

Socializing these small bundles of joy is also high on Tony's priority list. A dedicated room in their home allows prospective owners to interact and build bonds with the puppies, preparing them for a smooth transition into their new homes. It is in this room that many lifelong friendships are forged, and it's here where Tony's favorite bloodline, the Teddy line, often steals the show. Its distinctive bone structure and build captivate many who walk through their doors.

Despite some misconceptions surrounding the French Bulldog breed, Tony ardently defends his chosen breed. He acknowledges that their unique breeding style and their notorious snoring might not be to everyone's liking. Yet, he insists that they are affectionate pets, each possessing their own quirky and endearing personalities. Tony believes that these traits, along with their humorous antics, more than make up for their minor idiosyncrasies.

Caring for these dogs requires a diligent and comprehensive approach. Maintaining excellent health, cleanliness, and ensuring they are well-fed are just the basics for Tony. He emphasizes spending quality time with his dogs, enriching their lives with love and companionship. His dogs thrive on a high-protein diet, supplemented with vital vitamins. He feeds them wholesome dog food, which includes fish and rice, twice a day, ensuring their coats stay glossy and their bodies, fit.

Keeping his dogs in shape is no small feat, but Tony tackles it with a straightforward approach. He allows them free reign in the backyard, giving them ample space to run around and expend their boundless energy. It's a simple yet effective way to keep his dogs fit and happy throughout the year.

As for the process of purchasing a pup from Montanas Frenchiies, Tony ensures it's as smooth as possible. The puppies' vaccines are kept up to date, and wellness checks are conducted to rule out any heart murmurs before they find their forever homes. Tony also offers a unique three-month warranty. Should a puppy face any health issues within that time frame, he provides the option of a full refund or a new puppy.

Tony's favorite show dog is Dior, a stunning blue and tan Frenchie from the Teddy line. Her appearance in shows not only elevates the status of Montanas Frenchiies but also showcases the superior quality of Tony's breeding program.

Tony's advice to upcoming breeders is to have a clear vision and not get swayed by the hype. Being sociable, networking, and talking to everyone in the industry can open doors and create opportunities. His main goal for 2023 is ambitious but straightforward: to take over the world of French Bulldog breeding by creating a breed with impressive rope structure and exceptional DNA.

In the next decade, Tony hopes to see more collaboration and socialization within the bully breed community. He envisions working closely with other kennels to move the industry forward. What sets his kennel apart from the competition, he believes, is the unrivaled quality of his dogs.

Outside his kennel, Tony owns a collision shop where he fixes cars, a hobby that provides a refreshing break from his bustling life as a breeder. He also has high praise for Bully Girl Magazine, appreciating their role in providing a platform for breeders like himself to share their story and connect with people from all over the country.

Tony's story is a testament to his passion for French Bulldogs and his commitment to improving the breed. At Montanas Frenchiies, every day is an opportunity to create a better Frenchie - healthier, more playful, and full of personality.

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