MoneyTrain Kennels: Exotic Bully Breeder in Georgia

MoneyTrain Kennels: Exotic Bully Breeder in Georgia

In the quaint town of Covington, Georgia, a dedicated and passionate dog breeder named Elijah has built a thriving business with his kennel, MoneyTrain. Elijah's love for dogs runs deep, as he fondly recalls his mother always having pit bulls around while he was growing up. Today, Elijah focuses his efforts on breeding exquisite Exotic Bullies.

Although Elijah has not yet delved into genetic testing, he expresses a keen interest in exploring this aspect of dog breeding in the future. To prepare his puppies for new homes, he often takes them along to the feed store or family gatherings, depending on their age. This helps the puppies become well-socialized, confident, and ready for their forever families.

Elijah's favorite bloodlines are Bullsace and Devil Spit. He admires these bloodlines for their unique appearance, particularly the bows, clean muzzle, and tail. As a responsible breeder, Elijah addresses the common misconceptions people have about bully breeds. He educates potential puppy buyers and the public about the differences between bully breeds and pit bulls, emphasizing the importance of understanding these distinctions to ensure the dogs' health and well-being.

A responsible breeder, in Elijah's view, is one who prioritizes breeding for standard and quality over financial gain. He believes that a sound and healthy dog will naturally attract buyers. Throughout the year, Elijah maintains a balanced diet for his dogs, consisting of both kibble and raw food. He recommends Victor dog food as a reliable brand for his precious pets.

To keep his dogs fit and healthy, Elijah simply lets them run around and be dogs. He feeds them twice a day and is dedicated to their overall well-being. For those interested in purchasing a puppy from Moneytrain Kennels, Elijah takes the time to understand the intentions and living conditions of potential buyers. He also assesses their familiarity with the breed and financial stability to ensure they can properly care for the dog.

Elijah provides a six-month health clearance for his puppies, and customers can always call for support after their dogs have settled into their new homes. Although he hasn't had many returns or rehoming situations, he is prepared to handle them if necessary.

Elijah proudly showcases one of his dogs, Mr. Cho, in dog shows. As a seasoned breeder, he offers valuable advice to newcomers: invest in good female stock to start. He identifies kennel blindness as a significant challenge in the bully game but believes that breeders can overcome this by staying attuned to what sells consistently.

A figure Elijah looks up to in the bully game is Mike Diego, a philanthropist who has made a significant impact in the community. As for his goals in 2023, Elijah plans to host an upscale dog show called Dirty South Bully Expo v2, which he anticipates will set a new standard in the industry.

Elijah envisions a future in the bully breed community where a breed standard is established and followed by all. His kennel, Moneytrain, stands out from the competition by boasting the smallest complete and fully functional nano in the world, measuring a mere 8.5 inches on the wicket.

Outside of his love for dogs, Elijah is a talented chef and enjoys driving drag cars. His passion for his work, coupled with his expertise and dedication, sets the stage for a bright future for Moneytrain Kennels and the bully breed community as a whole.

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