Lone Wolf Big Timer Kennels Vegas: American Bully Breeder in Las Vegas

Lone Wolf Big Timer Kennels Vegas: American Bully Breeder in Las Vegas

Introducing Savanna Alvarez, the passionate and dedicated breeder behind Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas, located in the heart of Sin City, Las Vegas. Savanna's love for American Bullies began in 2017 when they got their first Bully as a motivational pet for their son, encouraging him to excel in school. Growing up with pitbulls, Savanna's husband instilled a deep affection for the breed, making American Bullies an obvious choice for their kennel.

Brimming with enthusiasm, Savanna shares, "The bully breed is so misunderstood. Many people believe they're aggressive, not suitable for families, or even fighting dogs. But we aim to change those misconceptions and educate those who are willing to listen. It's all about how you raise and socialize the dog." To ensure the health and well-being of their breeding dogs, Savanna and her son, who works as a vet assistant, prioritize genetic health testing.

Savanna explains their meticulous testing process, "We conduct breeding examinations with bloodwork and X-rays for our female dogs at South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital, under the trusted care of Dr. Bivens. Additionally, we use Embark to delve further into the bloodline. Our males also undergo breeding examinations and semen analysis at our trusted clinic." This dedication to testing ensures that their breeding program maintains the highest standards.

Socialization is key to preparing their puppies for their new homes. Savanna emphasizes, "We ensure our pups can get along with other dogs, kids, and humans in general. We have plenty of family members who love to come over and play with the puppies. They interact with the pups' food and water bowls, teaching them not to bite if someone were to reach into their bowls. We also take them out shopping to pet-friendly stores like PetSmart, feed stores, and sometimes even Target."

When it comes to favorite bloodlines, Savanna reveals their love for the Miagi and Bape lines. While they currently have the Gottiline bloodline, they find that the Miagi/Bape line adds a distinct and distinguished look to their dogs, while the Gottiline heritage helps maintain correct body structure.

Addressing the responsibilities of a dog breeder, Savanna says, "Having ample time to care for the dogs is crucial. We prioritize pre-breeding exams, bloodwork, and testing for genetic health conditions such as brucellosis and herpes. After puppies are born, we devote time to their socialization, ensuring they're well-adjusted before going to their forever homes. We provide documentation of vaccines and take pride in producing correct and functional puppies for a long and happy life."

Maintaining their dogs' optimal health is a top priority for Savanna. They gradually transition between two brands of dog food throughout the year. "Since we show our dogs, we keep them lean, and during breeding season, we make sure they are thick. We incorporate a high-protein diet, adding ground beef, blueberries, vitamin supplements like DYNE, and occasional treats like peanut butter to enhance their nutrition," Savanna explains.

Wholesomes and Victor High Protein Plus are the recommended dog food brands Savanna trusts to keep their dogs healthy and thriving. Wholesomes, in particular, has been a wonder for their canine companions, and the dogs enjoy it immensely.

Feeding their dogs twice a day is part of their routine, ensuring that their dogs maintain optimal nutrition and energy levels. However, keeping their dogs in shape is not limited to their diet. Savanna shares their various fitness strategies, "Living in Vegas, where it gets hot, we have to be creative. We walk our dogs daily, either early in the morning or late at night when the temperatures are more comfortable. We also engage them in activities like playing fetch and tug of war with ropes to keep them active. Additionally, they have set up a show training ring in their backyard, where they conduct stacking sessions and other show training exercises to maintain their dogs' physical fitness and show readiness.

Taking pride in their kennel's customer experience, Savanna walks us through the process of purchasing a pup from Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas. "We post our available pups on well-known platforms. When a potential buyer reaches out, we engage in a conversation to get to know them better. We believe it's a two-way interview process, as we want to ensure the pup finds the right family, just as they want to ensure we are the right breeders for them," she explains.

Once both parties are comfortable, they move forward with the price and deposit discussions, followed by sending over the contract. The next step is to ensure the pup's wellness exam and vaccines are up to date while still in their care. Throughout this period, they send "pupdates" to the new forever family, keeping them informed and involved in their pup's progress.

When the time comes for the puppy to go home, Savanna arranges a drop-off at the new family's residence. This allows them to see where the puppy will be living and collect any remaining balance. Savanna takes the opportunity to go over the contract in person, explaining each clause thoroughly.

To provide peace of mind and support, Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas offers health guarantees for genetic health issues, which they mitigate through proper testing. They also extend their support to the new puppy owners, considering them part of their extended family. "We always say, 'We are now family,' and they can freely call us anytime if they need assistance or have any questions," Savanna reassures.

In the event that a puppy or adult dog needs to be returned or rehomed due to unforeseen circumstances, Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas takes responsibility for finding them a suitable new forever home. Their contract specifies that the pup must be returned to them, and while no money will be refunded, they prioritize ensuring the dog finds a loving and compatible environment.

As we delve into Savanna's involvement in the show world, she introduces Casino, their male stud who is currently participating in the WBR registry and nearing the championship status. With a hint of excitement, Savanna shares their dedication to showcasing their dogs' exceptional qualities and promoting the breed's standard.

When asked about advice for upcoming breeders, Savanna's words of wisdom shine through: "Follow your vision and stay committed. Success doesn't happen overnight, and there will be setbacks along the way. Learn from them and use them as stepping stones. Take the extra steps, such as pre-breeding exams and testing, as they can save you and your furry ones from future issues."

Reflecting on the challenges within the bully breed community, Savanna highlights the underestimated significance of pre-breeding and thorough testing. Many breeders shy away from these steps due to fear of potential outcomes and how it may reflect on them. To overcome this, she encourages breeders to embrace humility and prioritize the breed's betterment rather than worrying about appearances.

In the bully game, Savanna finds inspiration in Rob Bernardo, the founder of Ultimate Bullyz. Rob's genuine love for the breed and his humble approach to breeding have made a lasting impact on Savanna. "He believes in staying true to your vision, rather than chasing big-name dogs. Rob continues to use his platform to educate and genuinely cares about each family he interacts with," she expresses with admiration.

Looking ahead to their goals for 2023, Savanna shares, "We aspire to be one step closer to achieving our dream of conducting in-house breedings with exceptional and well-structured dogs that we have produced ourselves. It's an exciting journey for us, and we can't wait to see our vision come to life."

When asked about her aspirations for the bully breed community in the future, Savanna envisions a united front. "In the next 10 years, I would love to see the bully community coming together more often, not just for competitions but also for causes that benefit people and animals around the world. It's not about 'me versus you'; it's about uniting humbly and making a positive impact together."

With their unique approach to breeding and their commitment to their family unit, Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas stands out from the competition. Savanna believes that their strength lies in their unity, both inside and outside the show ring. "We do everything as a complete family unit, which makes us stronger than ever. Our dogs feel the love and support from each and every one of us, and that reflects in their temperament and overall well-being."

Beyond their kennel, Savanna leads a fulfilling life as a full-time mother of two and also works at a veterinary clinic. In her spare time, she indulges in her passion for makeup and content creation. Her diverse interests allow her to bring a fresh perspective to her kennel and contribute to the broader community.

When asked about Bully Girl Magazine, Savanna's face lights up with excitement. "I absolutely love Bully Girl Magazine! It's an incredible platform that showcases the amazing work of breeders and enthusiasts in the bully community. It's a great opportunity to learn from one another, discover new trends, and gain insights into the latest developments. Bully Girl Magazine is a true testament to the passion and dedication of the bully community."

As our interview comes to an end, Savanna leaves us with a final thought. "Being a part of the bully breed community is not just about breeding dogs; it's about making a difference. It's about educating and dispelling misconceptions. It's about nurturing and supporting each other. At Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas, we are committed to raising healthy, well-socialized, and exceptional American Bullies. We take pride in our work, and our ultimate goal is to contribute positively to the breed we love."

With that, Savanna bids us farewell, leaving us inspired by her passion, dedication, and love for the bully breed. The story of Lone Wolf Big Timers Kennels Vegas and their journey to promote responsible breeding and debunk misconceptions is one that resonates with the heart of every dog lover. Through their united family approach and commitment to excellence, they are shaping a brighter future for American Bullies.

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