Legacy Farms Raleigh: XL American Bully Breeder in North Carolina

Legacy Farms Raleigh: XL American Bully Breeder in North Carolina

In the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, there's a small family-focused kennel that has captured the hearts of many pet lovers in the area. Meet Robert and Karissa Roulhac, the proud owners of Legacy Farms Raleigh, formerly known as Legado Kennels. They specialize in breeding XL American Bullies and are passionate about "restoring the good name of a great breed."

Robert has been breeding bullies for over 20 years, and his love for the breed hasn't dwindled one bit. His primary desire is to breed healthy, functional, beautiful, XL Bullies with great temperaments and place them in loving pet homes, one home at a time. The XL American Bully is a misunderstood breed, and Robert and Karissa are on a mission to change that.

One of the things that set Legacy Farms Raleigh apart from other kennels is their commitment to genetic health testing. They don't believe in breeding without testing and use various tests like Embark & Wisdom Panels and OFA to ensure their dogs are healthy and structurally sound. They're also not afraid to experiment with new tests to validate additional attributes of their dogs.

But what's a healthy dog without proper socialization and training? At Legacy Farms Raleigh, the Roulhac family and their four children aged 3-8 provide daily playtime and training for their puppies. They believe in exposing their pups to their older fully-trained adults to help them learn the ropes and routines of the household.

So, what's the process of purchasing a pup from Legacy Farms Raleigh? First, show interest in a pup through any of their social media pages or in-person interactions. After that, the Roulhacs will send you one of their purchase or rehoming forms. Once they've reviewed your application, they'll invite you to their property to meet all parents and pups and take a tour of their home environment. If you can't make it in person, they'll do a video call and send pictures to help you see and determine if you're interested in joining the family. After the meet and greet, you can choose to put down a deposit or pay in full for a pup of your choosing. The Roulhacs keep you updated with weekly pictures and weight statuses until the day of pickup, where they provide you with a Legacy Farms puppy packet that includes all medical paperwork and some extra goodies to ensure a smooth transition for your new furry friend.

One of Robert's all-time favorite old-school bloodlines is Muggleston, but he's currently obsessed with what Howard at Sparta Bullies is doing over in the UK with the Spartan Bloodline. When asked about the characteristics of a responsible dog breeder, Robert emphasized that a great breeder cares about the dogs above all else and guarantees that any pup that leaves their yard is of the utmost health, structure, functional, and temperament quality.

Robert and Karissa's passion for XL American Bullies goes beyond just breeding. They believe in doing things the right way and putting the breed first, even if it means taking a loss or stepping back. They want to see the bully breed community thriving, with everyone working together towards the same goals.

Aside from their love for XL American Bullies, the Roulhacs' other hobbies and interests include their faith, family, and community. Robert also enjoys gardening in his free time.

Legacy Farms Raleigh is a kennel that stands out from the rest. Their commitment to genetic health testing, socialization, and training, and doing things the right way has made them a household name in the Raleigh area. They don't see themselves as competing with other kennels, but rather with themselves to produce better and better XL American Bullies with flawless structure, great temperaments, and a loyal addition to families. With their love and dedication, Robert and Karissa have brought joy and happiness to many families in the Raleigh area, and they're not slowing down anytime soon.

Looking towards the future, Legacy Farms Raleigh has big plans. They're in a rebuilding process, pulling from their older dogs and building back to reset their foundation. While they might bring in some new blood to help reset what they're doing, they're taking it slow in 2023 and ensuring they have everything set for their next few steps in late 2023 and 2024.

In the bully breed community, the Roulhacs hope to see everyone working towards the same goals, doing things the right way, and putting the breed first. They want to continue to restore the good name of a great breed and see XL American Bullies thrive in loving pet homes.

Robert and Karissa Roulhac's Legacy Farms Raleigh is a kennel that's truly passionate about their dogs and dedicated to doing things the right way. With their love and commitment, they've become a household name in the Raleigh area, and their legacy will continue for years to come.

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