Lavish Lifestyle Bullies: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder in VA

Lavish Lifestyle Bullies: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder in VA

State your name, your kennel, and where your kennel is located.

My name is Chris. CEO and founder of Lavish Lifestyle Bullies, located in Richmond, Virginia. 

What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?

At the moment we breed American Bullies and French Bulldogs, but we are also looking to get into English Bulldogs as well. 

What is your favorite bloodline?

 Everyone knows the best bloodline to this day is Dax blood. He’s produced some of the best hitters in this bully game. Without him some of these other dogs wouldn’t even exist. And as far as more recent blood, I really like what that dog Brim has been producing.  

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a responsible dog breeder? 

I feel like the characteristics of a responsible dog breeder is someone who always puts the dogs well-being first over anything else. Another characteristic of a responsible dog breeder is knowing that just because you have a female, does not make her fit to be bred. Responsible dog breeders acknowledge this and pet home the dog if needed. Lastly, responsible dog breeders make sure all dogs are well socialized and health tested.

What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?

We currently have our dogs on a raw diet. I have formulated a recipe specifically for my dogs because I like my dogs to be in tiptop shape. I like to actually see for myself what my dogs are eating.

Are there any specific brands of dog food that you recommend? 

I always preach raw food if possible. Like I said, you are able to see what your dog is eating on a daily basis. It is a little pricey and not for everyone, but if I did have to recommend dog food I would recommend Taste of the Wild.

How many times a day do you feed your dogs?

For puppies, we feed them twice a day, and for adults we feed them once a day.

How do you keep your dogs in shape throughout the year?

We have a big yard, so our dogs are constantly running around. We also do a lot of exercises with our dogs.

Walk us through the process of purchasing a pup from Lavish Lifestyle Bullies from start to finish. 

  • When purchasing a pup from Lavish Lifestyle Bullies, we do require some type of screening.
  • We realize these dogs aren’t for everyone and so we want to make sure every puppy that we send off is going to a great home.
  • We recommend that you have some type of previous bully breed.
  • We also set up FaceTime or zoom calls to inspect each possible client's yard situation. 

Do you currently show any of your dogs?

Yes, we do show our dogs. We just recently champed our French bulldog in the ABKC. We accomplished that in two shows. We also have been training our puppies that we have recently produced, and they should be here in the show sometime next month.

What advice does Lavish Lifestyle Bullies have for any upcoming breeders? 

Stay true to your vision. No matter what other breeders think or what other breeders do, don't follow the FADs. Also, you get out what you put in so don’t expect to pay 1K for a female and get 10K puppies.

What do you think is the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome?

I think the most difficult thing is getting the original bullies structure back. A lot of people are breeding train wrecks to train wrecks, and therefore producing train wrecks.

How do you think they can overcome this thing?

This can be overcome by going back to the true American bully structure.

Who do you look up to in the bully game, and why?

My boy Mario over there at Threegkennel. He helped me a lot when I was whelping my first litter. My female dog threw me a litter of 13 puppies and Mario helped me to make sure every puppy was healthy until they were eight weeks old.

Tell us about one of Lavish Lifestyle Bullies main goals for 2022.

Our main goal for 2022 is finishing off this year strong. We’re still a new kennel so we just started off, but we have a lot of breeding set up for 2023. Our goal is just to make sure our females are healthy and possibly champ out one of my productions from earlier this year.

Describe how you would want things, in the bully breed Community, to be 10 years from now.

I would like it to be more unified, less backbiting. There are a lot of people out here downplaying other champs just to make theirs look better.

What separates Lavish Lifestyle Bullies from the competition?

We are passionate. We train every day and we never miss a day. This is my lifestyle. I never go out, and I don’t party. I get enjoyment purely from the dogs.

What other hobbies or interests do you take part in?

We’re also into reptiles and looking to get into racing pigeons.

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