KP Bullyz: American Bully Breeder in Oklahoma

KP Bullyz: American Bully Breeder in Oklahoma

Haili Luman, the dedicated owner and operator of KP Bullyz, located in Atoka, Oklahoma, has a deep passion for breeding American Bullies and has recently expanded her expertise into standard exotics. Her commitment to the health of her breeding dogs is evident, as she utilizes Embark for genetic and color testing and performs OFA cardiac tests to ensure the well-being of her dogs.

To socialize her puppies and prepare them for their new homes, Haili employs the Puppy Culture technique, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), and actively involves her children in the process. She also relies on a few matriarch females who excel at helping with puppy corrections. Haili ensures the puppies are exposed to various stimuli, including loud noises, and starts stack training at around 5-6 weeks of age. This comprehensive approach boosts the puppies' confidence and prepares them for new environments when they leave for their new homes.

Although Haili appreciates many bloodlines, her favorite is the Lucky bloodline, particularly when combined with Rocko lines. She believes that the structure these lines bring into any combination is truly exceptional. To address misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the bully breed, she emphasizes the importance of responsible ownership, proper training, and discipline for these powerful dogs.

In Haili's opinion, a responsible dog breeder is someone who is aware of the faults in their dogs and actively strives to correct them. They should also maintain clean facilities, be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism, and understand that not every dog is meant to be a breeder or a show dog.

Her dogs enjoy a partial raw diet supplemented with Canine X dry kibble, which she feeds them once daily. To keep her dogs fit and healthy throughout the year, Haili uses spring poles, flirt poles, and allows her dogs to swim in spring-fed ponds during the summer months.

When a client is interested in purchasing a pup from KP Bullyz, Haili guides them through a puppy questionnaire to understand their ideal dog's traits and attributes. Based on this information, she helps clients select a dog that best suits their needs. After accepting deposits for pick spots, the clients are updated with milestones, pictures, and videos until the puppies go home. The puppies leave with a packet of information, shot and deworming records, and Haili's contact details for any questions they might have. She offers lifetime support for her puppies, along with a one-year genetic health guarantee.

Haili gladly accepts returns to ensure the well-being of her dogs, even though she first tries to figure out the root cause of the issue before uprooting the dog from its life and home. She currently shows her dogs, with the goal of achieving four champions within the year. Haili trains all her dogs but has a handler, Dusty Ellison, to showcase them in the ring.

Her advice to upcoming breeders is to find a mentor, ask plenty of questions, and study the breed thoroughly before starting. She believes that education and mentorship can help people in the bully game overcome challenges and learn the difference between a potential breeding or show dog and a pet.

Haili admires William Stewart of Rosewood Bullies for his humility, beautiful dogs, and for providing her with her first start in the more extreme dogs. Her main goal for 2023 is to title many of her younger dogs, improve her show foundation, and breed new stock that fits breed standards while maintaining a "wow factor." In the future, she hopes for more responsible breeding practices, a renewed focus on structure, and a decrease in the number of litters produced in the bully breed community.

What sets KP Bullyz apart from the competition is Haili's unwavering drive, 

motivation, and belief in her dogs. She showcases every aspect of her dogs, including their faults and beauties, and is always striving for the next challenge and innovation. Her determination to be better each year and her genuine love for the bully breed makes her kennel stand out.

Outside of her passion for dog breeding, Haili enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. Being an outdoor enthusiast, she takes pleasure in various outdoor activities and adventures. Haili's appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine stems from its ability to highlight both new and seasoned breeders and provide educational content for its readers.

In conclusion, Haili Luman of KP Bullyz is a dedicated and responsible breeder who cares deeply for her American Bullies and standard exotics. Her commitment to the health, socialization, and overall well-being of her dogs is evident in her approach to breeding and raising them. Through her ongoing efforts to improve her kennel, KP Bullyz stands out in the bully breed community, and Haili serves as an inspiration to upcoming breeders and enthusiasts alike.

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  • Ashley Davis

    Haili is an amazing breeder that I actually look up to and take advice from. I cannot wait to do this journey with her on our boy she is an amazing all the way around and loyal as ever. The way she cares for her dogs and the passion she has for them 🥰🥰. If you looking for a good quality she is the person you should contact.

  • Jerry James

    Haili is a new friend of mine and we have candid conversations about dogs and the direction and needs we feel the Bully deserves. The article accurately depicts who she is and how she takes care of her dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with her.

  • Gage Dils

    I met her at a show back in march she is a very nice person and loves her dogs and the breed very much keep doing good you doing an amazing job 💯

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