Keep It Kennels: French Bulldog Breeder in California

Keep It Kennels: French Bulldog Breeder in California

Karina, the founder of Keep It Kennels, located in Orange County, California, specializes in breeding and showing French Bulldogs. Her journey with the breed began when she rescued a neglected and malnourished French Bulldog. Karina is a responsible breeder who performs necessary genetic testing through UC Davis Animal Genetics and registers her stud's DNA with the AKC registry.

Before placing puppies in their new homes, Karina socializes them by attending dog shows where they are exposed to loud noises, other dogs, and children. Her favorite bloodline at the moment is XB due to their signature muscular build, temperament, and square dome. She believes a responsible breeder should accept that not all dogs are meant for breeding or showing and that some are amazing pets that provide love and companionship.

Karina feeds her dogs Victor kibble and K9 Super Supplements weight gainer throughout the year, along with different supplements like K9 Super Supplements immune defense during the cold season. She also adds tripe and dyne from Tapias Raw Meats once a week. Her favorite dog food is Orijen Tundra, which makes her dog's coat glisten and shine. Karina practices once a day feeding, except for her pregnant females who get extra servings and larger amounts.

Karina keeps her dogs in shape by providing light exercise through attending social gatherings and playtime in the yard. The process of purchasing a pup from Keep It Kennels involves opening a waiting list after a pregnancy is confirmed. The waitlist is then contacted to place a deposit on available pups when they are three weeks old. After vaccinations have been administered at the two-month mark, pups are delivered to their new homes with a care package and a contract of a one-year health guarantee.

Karina offers support and advice for entering the breeding industry when purchasing a pup from her camp. She shows her studs, and her main show dog at the moment is Shatter, an XB blue male who has won over five Best In Show awards and received multiple points with various registries.

For upcoming breeders, Karina advises to be ready to lose sleep, pick up dog poop, and receive unconditional love. The most challenging thing for people in the bully game to overcome is networking and promoting themselves to build credibility. Karina suggests attending dog shows and events to get known in the community.

Karina looks up to Legacy Poms, a Pomeranian breeder with over 15 years of experience breeding Poms, because of their main stud having over 60+ breedings under him. Karina plans to explore other breeds, such as the Pomeranian, in 2023 and expand her social influence while creating more collaborations with other camps and businesses.

In 10 years, Karina hopes to see an improvement in the health and care of the bully breed. What sets Keep It Kennels apart from the competition is not only breeding dogs but also selling luxury pet clothing and accessories. Karina has established credibility in the dog game by competing in dog shows, judging dog shows, and creating healthy, quality dogs that can produce for generations to come.

In her spare time, Karina enjoys other hobbies and interests like designing and cooking. She thinks Bully Girl Magazine is an amazing platform that highlights women and creates a sense of belonging in a predominantly male-dominated community.

To learn more about Karina and Keep It Kennels, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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  • Monique Navarro

    Karina works hard and plays hard she a reagular at all levels he most popular shows bringing home the gold it’s always nice to see her winning and sharing her puppy gear for us to buy at shows congratulations KARINA!!!!!! Sincerely monique with bullyland

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