Inside Look: How an American Bully Kennel in Kansas is Redefining the Breed

Inside Look: How an American Bully Kennel in Kansas is Redefining the Breed

The Journey of Buffy and Diamond in the Rough Bullies

In the heart of Topeka, Kansas, Buffy, the founder of Diamond in the Rough Bullies, is shaping a unique narrative in the world of American Bully breeding. Her journey is not just about breeding dogs; it's a tale of passion, dedication, and love for a breed that often faces misconceptions and stereotypes.

The Love for American Bullies

Buffy's venture into the world of American Bullies began with her first dog, Diamond. Diamond's calm, patient, and loving demeanor captivated Buffy, igniting a lifelong passion for the breed. She emphasizes how American Bullies, known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, are perfect family pets, debunking the myth that they are aggressive or difficult to train.

Commitment to Health and Socialization

While Diamond in the Rough Bullies has yet to begin genetic testing, Buffy has future plans to incorporate this crucial aspect into her breeding program. She believes in the importance of raising well-socialized puppies. From an early age, the pups are accustomed to being around other dogs, children, and different environments, preparing them for a seamless transition to their forever homes.

Nurturing and Diet

Buffy's favorite bloodlines, Rocko Blood and Sampson, symbolize the quality and care she invests in her dogs. The diet at her kennel is a blend of high-quality kibble, rice, chicken, pumpkin, and fruits, ensuring the dogs receive balanced nutrition throughout the year.

The Process of Bringing a Puppy Home

Buffy has a thoughtful process for families looking to adopt an American Bully puppy. Starting with a waiting list, she guides potential owners through selecting a pup, making a deposit, and finally, completing the adoption process when they're ready to bring their new family member home.

Support and Advice for New Owners

Diamond in the Rough Bullies doesn't offer health guarantees but ensures each puppy is vet-checked and healthy before leaving for a new home. Buffy hasn't faced the challenge of rehoming a dog yet but commits to assisting in the process if needed.

Looking Towards the Future

While Buffy hasn't had the opportunity to show her dogs yet, she has big dreams. Her advice to upcoming breeders is simple yet profound: love your dogs first. She envisions a future where the bully community is united, working together to produce healthy, beautiful American Bullies.

A Vision of Unity and Excellence

Buffy's goal for the year is to breed structurally beautiful Merle American Bullies. She dreams of a bully community that functions as one big family, advocating for the breed's well-being. What sets her kennel apart is her genuine approach: treating every puppy with love and respect, supporting other breeders, and believing in the collective strength of the community.

Beyond Breeding: A Life Filled with Love

For Buffy, life revolves around her son, her dogs, and her work-from-home job. These elements form the cornerstone of her everyday existence, fueling her passion for American Bullies.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

Buffy holds Bully Girl Magazine in high esteem, appreciating their efforts in bringing together the bully community and spreading love and knowledge about the breed.

As this story about Buffy and Diamond in the Rough Bullies concludes, readers are encouraged to dive deeper into the world of American Bullies. Subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App to stay connected with this vibrant community.

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  • Terrany Thomas Hailey

    I just love Buffy and diamond n rough bullies… I’ve have watched every breed she’s had and they all are so beautiful..I am so proud of her, I’ve been knowing Buffy since elementary and she is a great person, such a beautiful soul. I definitely support her and what she is doing… I’m definitely wantin a fur baby from her for sure…I had one and someone broke in my house and stole her, me and my kids been devastated and since I told myself I’m not getting another one I was heart broke from it. But watching Buffy and her bullies has gotten me just wanting another one and try it over again, she is definitely motivating me into it so Buffy I will be coming for a fur baby soon let me know what’s coming up next.!!!

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