Immense Bullz: XL and XXL American Bully Breeder in California

Immense Bullz: XL and XXL American Bully Breeder in California

Meet Jarett Garcia, the proud owner and breeder of Immense Bullz kennel located in Whittier, CA. Jarett specializes in breeding XL and XXL American Bullies. But what inspired him to get into this particular breed?

It all started when Jarett was going through a tough time, losing his mother, wife and father in a short period of time. He found solace in his first XL bully pup, as he and his two young boys bonded over their new furry companion. This experience was so therapeutic that he decided to breed his first female. Over time, Jarett honed in on his vision for the breed, perfecting certain looks, traits and eventually breeding accordingly. Today, his dogs can be found all over the world, from the United Kingdom to the Bahamas, Sweden, and Albania.

But Jarett doesn't just breed for profit, he is a responsible breeder, always working with a purpose behind what he does. He dna tests his dogs through Embark to produce healthier pups, testing for over 220+ genetic defects and genetic color traits. He also tests hips on his breeding dogs.

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When it comes to socializing his puppies, Jarett keeps them pretty much on lock down for the first few weeks of their life, except for himself and his boys. Once they've had their first set of vaccines, it's time to play out in the yard and interact with some of his older adult dogs and neighborhood kids. He exposes them to different sounds and play toys to ensure they gain confidence in exploring and aren't frightened by common noises they may come across later in life.

When it comes to feeding his dogs, Jarett feeds them a steady diet of dry food but occasionally supplements with raw diet. He recommends brands such as Nutrisource, Diamond puppy, Sportmix and Raw COAK, which is great for growth and healthy lifestyle of dogs. The feeding schedule varies depending on the dog's stage and age, but he walks them daily for daily maintenance and uses equipment such as a slatmill and flirt pole to build neck and core.

If you're interested in purchasing a pup from Immense Bullz, Jarett doesn't push puppies on anyone. Potential buyers usually come through Instagram, word of mouth or his website. He screens potential buyers with a lot of questions to assess if they will be a good match for each puppy. Once approved, buyers are given a puppy contract where their rights and responsibilities as an owner are clearly defined. Once the deposit is left and puppy is paid for in full, customers are welcome to pick up in person.

As a breeder of bully breeds, Jarett Garcia takes great pride in his work. He offers health guarantees and support for his puppies after they go to their new homes, but does not cover buyer neglect. He is also an experienced dog show participant and has high hopes for a few of his younger productions in the coming year. When asked for advice for upcoming breeders, he emphasizes the importance of patience, hard work, and constantly reinvesting in one's program.

One of the biggest challenges that Jarrett sees for people in the bully breeding community is fear of failure, lack of promotion, and devaluing their production. To overcome these obstacles, he advises breeders to believe in themselves, ignore negative people, and maintain their prices in order to be respected in the industry.

Jarrett looks up to several other breeders in the bully breeding community, including Chris Lee of All Star Kennels and Dom of COAK, for their mentorship and guidance. One of his main goals for 2023 is to focus on producing high-quality puppies through selective pairings.

In the future, Jarrett hopes to see the bully breeding community become more focused on breeding with a purpose and producing better-structured, better-tempered dogs with better muzzles, toplines, and rears. He believes that what sets his kennel apart from the competition is his passion and the amount of planning and work that goes into each breeding.

In addition to breeding, Jarrett has a variety of hobbies and interests, including lowriders, baseball, competitive shooting, and photography. For more info on Jarett Garcia, and Immense Bullz subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

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