Unraveling the Success Story of Hudson Valley French Bulldogs with Dolores Herrera

Unraveling the Success Story of Hudson Valley French Bulldogs with Dolores Herrera

In the picturesque setting of Hudson Valley, New York, a passion for French Bulldogs thrives, courtesy of Dolores Herrera, the proud owner of Hudson Valley Frenchies. Dolores's journey into the world of breeding began with a heartwarming gift - a Frenchie from a family member who had bred them for years. That one dog became the catalyst, turning Dolores's love for dogs into a full-blown commitment to breeding.

The allure of French Bulldogs is undeniable. Their distinctive features, combined with their loving, loyal, and quirky nature, are precisely what drew Dolores to them. Unlike many breeds she had encountered before, Frenchies seemed to possess an unmatched blend of loyalty and affection. So, she set out to share this love with others, and Hudson Valley Frenchies was born.

Ensuring the health of her dogs is paramount to Dolores. Each breeding dog undergoes a comprehensive genetic screening through Canine Health Check, assessing over 325 inherited diseases and traits. Additionally, she's committed to OFA testing every breeding male and female, ensuring the lineage remains pure and healthy.

Dolores's approach to raising puppies is rooted in love and affection. From the moment they're born, these pups are showered with attention, ensuring they grow up well-socialized and adaptable. The bustling environment of the Herrera household, complete with merengue music, children playing, and everyday household noises, ensures that these puppies are ready to adapt to any home they go to.

Shrinkabulls is a bloodline Dolores particularly admires. But her respect is not limited to established names. She's equally impressed by breeders who have carved out their own niche, focusing on health and longevity, producing dogs that live past the age of 14.

However, Dolores acknowledges that French Bulldogs, like any breed, face misconceptions. The myths of short lifespans and constant surgeries are two she frequently counters. Her advice to potential puppy buyers? Choose a transparent and reputable breeder who prioritizes health. Her commitment to education and transparency has helped her build trust and dispel many of these myths.

For Dolores, responsible breeding goes beyond just producing puppies. It's about ensuring every dog leads a happy, healthy life. This means providing clean living conditions, timely feeding, and, most importantly, love and attention. She feeds her dogs a balanced diet of quality meats, fish, and supplements, coupled with the highly recommended Orijen dog food. Regular walks and playtime keep her Frenchies in top shape.

The process of purchasing a pup from Hudson Valley Frenchies is thorough yet straightforward. Prospective owners can reach out to Dolores through various channels. After an initial chat and a submitted puppy application, a FaceTime meeting is scheduled. Once the puppy is reserved, Dolores maintains open communication, sharing updates, photos, and videos, ensuring the new owners are well-prepared.

She offers a one-year health guarantee, but her support extends for a lifetime. If any issues arise, Dolores is just a call or text away, ready to help. She's committed to every dog she breeds, ensuring they always have a loving home. If rehoming is needed, she handles it with the utmost care and compassion.

While Dolores isn't currently showcasing her dogs, she's keen on entering the show ring soon. Her advice to budding breeders is candid - breed for love, not money. The challenges of breeding, especially the heartbreak of losing a pup, can be daunting. But Dolores believes in pushing through, staying grounded, and focusing on the love and joy these dogs bring.

She deeply respects breeders like Love a Loyal Bulldog, RAD Frenchies, and Whisper Wilow Frenchies, who prioritize health and transparency. Her primary goal for 2024 is continuous growth, both as a breeder and as a community contributor.

Looking ahead, Dolores envisions a bully breed community that's more collaborative than competitive. She hopes for more health-backed dogs in shows rather than just "size." Her kennel's philosophy is clear - it's not about competing but about learning and giving back.

Beyond breeding, Dolores is a woman of many interests. From hitting the gym to dancing, playing sports, skateboarding with her daughters, and indulging in solo hikes or motorcycle rides, she relishes every moment.

As for Bully Girl Magazine, Dolores is all praises. She appreciates the platform's inclusivity, celebrating all bully breeds and kennels, big or small.

Cheers to Dolores, a woman whose love for Frenchies is transforming the bully breed community, one puppy at a time.

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