Frenchies on the Hill: French Bulldog Breeder in Tennessee

Frenchies on the Hill: French Bulldog Breeder in Tennessee

Chey, aka Baby, is the owner and creator of Frenchies On The Hill, a kennel located in the rural town of Whitesburg, East Tennessee. Chey's love for dogs, especially French Bulldogs, has been a lifelong passion. It was the positive impact of her first French Bulldog that inspired her to share the joy with others, leading to the creation of Frenchies On The Hill®️.

Before diving into breeding, Chey took her time to immerse herself in the world of Frenchies. She wanted to learn and understand every aspect of the breed. It was three years after the kennel's establishment that Chey had her first litter. The outcome exceeded her expectations, and she is proud of the success of her breeding program.

Transparency and genetic health testing are core values for Chey. She believes in being open and honest about her breeding program, which includes genetic health testing and OFA evaluations. She also relies on her daily observations and ensures that every prospective breeding dog is fit for the purpose. Striving for balance in her breeding program is of utmost importance to Chey.

Socialization is a top priority for Chey at Frenchies On The Hill. Living on an active farm with a bustling household, the puppies are exposed to various stimuli, including children, cats, rabbits, and chickens. In addition to targeted socialization sessions, such as car rides and outings, Chey enriches their environment with new experiences, toys, textures, and noises. She is also hands-on with her puppies, desensitizing them to grooming procedures like nail clipping and ear cleaning.

When asked about her favorite bloodlines, Chey mentions Northwest Frenchies and Blue Buddha Frenchies. She admires their hard work and dedication, as they have some of the best-looking dogs in the country.

One common misconception about French Bulldogs is their breathing. While it is true that some Frenchies may have breathing issues, Chey emphasizes that clear breathing is a core value in her program. She proudly shares live videos of her French Bulldogs after vigorous activities to showcase their healthy breathing.

For Chey, a responsible breeder is someone who genuinely cares about their dogs and never cuts corners. Transparency, both in public and when working with clients, is crucial. She believes that an exceptional breeder continuously works to improve the quality of life for their dogs and gives back to their program.

Chey follows a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet for her dogs, paired with kibble for specific individuals. She takes pride in preparing raw meals for her dogs using a recipe she learned from Northwest Frenchies. Chey believes that a well-researched and balanced raw diet can transform a dog's health from within.

When it comes to dog food brands, Chey recommends Blue Ridge Beef Company for raw food, particularly their ground venison with ground bone. Her dogs thoroughly enjoy it. She feeds her dogs twice a day if they are on a half-kibble, half-raw diet, and three times a day for those on a full raw diet.

Keeping her dogs in shape is a combination of daily enrichment, exercise, and targeted sessions. Whether it's playing in the dog room or exploring her acres of property under supervision, Chey ensures her dogs have ample opportunities for physical and mental stimulation.

The process of purchasing a puppy from Frenchies On The Hill begins with filling out a client questionnaire application. Once approved, a deposit is required to secure the desired puppy. The balance must be paid in full a week before the puppy leaves Chey's care. If no puppies are available, potential clients can join the waiting list, which is processed in chronological order with priority over non-waitlist clients.

All puppies from Frenchies On The Hill come with a two-year health guarantee. This guarantee ensures that the puppies are free from genetic defects that severely impair their quality of life or necessitate euthanasia. Chey stands behind the health and well-being of her puppies and provides support to their new owners.

In the event that a puppy or adult dog doesn't work out in their new home, Chey has a policy in place. She will always take back any dogs bred by Frenchies On The Hill to ensure they don't end up in shelters or unfortunate situations. The new owner needs to contact Chey immediately, and arrangements will be made for the return of the dog. The contract clearly states that Chey retains sole ownership if the new owner defaults. In exceptional cases, with approval from Frenchies On The Hill, a puppy or adult dog may be placed with a family member or friend.

Chey actively shows her dogs and is on her way to participating in her first AKC show. She already has two ICBR Champions and is working towards a dual championship in ABKC. Showing her dogs allows her to showcase their best qualities and gain exposure for her breeding program.

When asked for advice to upcoming breeders, Chey emphasizes the importance of taking time and learning. Immersion in the breed and puppy rearing, building a support circle of respected breeders, and trusting in one's own vision are key. She encourages breeders to have a mission, think about cause-and-effect, and always prioritize the well-being of the dogs.

For Chey, the most challenging aspect for people in the bully breed community to overcome is the cost of running a program. It can be expensive, and without proper planning and budget management, breeders may face difficulties or be tempted to cut corners. Chey believes that with strategic planning, realistic budget management, and a dedicated strategy, breeders can overcome these challenges and run successful programs.

One of Chey's main goals for the remainder of 2023 is to continue building her brand, Frenchies On The Hill. She wants it to be more than just a breeding program, but a lifestyle where she can educate and assist people in providing the best care for their dogs. Sharing her knowledge, tips, and tricks with others is a priority for her.

In the bully breed community, Chey envisions easier access to valuable knowledge for upcoming breeders. She hopes to see the bully breed accepted and embraced across the nation and the world, eradicating the stigma they often face. She even envisions incorporating education about the bully breed in academic settings like elementary schools.

When asked about what sets Frenchies On The Hill apart from the competition, Chey emphasizes her wholehearted dedication to her program. She spares no expense in caring for her dogs and treats them like family members. Transparency and honesty are fundamental to her, and she believes that her breeding choices and the exceptional quality of her French Bulldogs are what truly separates her kennel.

In addition to her love for French Bulldogs and her kennel, Chey has other hobbies and interests. She enjoys cooking and creating recipes from scratch, crochet, and exploring new locations for spontaneous adventures. She takes pride in her heritage as a Barbareño Chumash and Apache woman, striving to keep the knowledge of her people alive.

Chey holds a high regard for Bully Girl Magazine, considering it an excellent resource for the bully breed community and beyond. She appreciates the magazine's ability to bring the community together, provide educational information, and create a platform for breeders to learn from one another.

Overall, Chey's passion for French Bulldogs, dedication to her breeding program, and commitment to transparency and quality set Frenchies On The Hill apart. Her goals extend beyond breeding, aiming to educate, inspire, and make a positive impact in the bully breed community. With her two-year health guarantee, support for puppy owners, and responsible breeding practices, Chey ensures that her puppies have the best start in life and find loving homes.

As Chey looks toward the future, her main goal is to continue building her brand and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. She wants to inspire and educate upcoming breeders while promoting responsible dog ownership. Chey also envisions a future where the bully breed is widely accepted and the stigma surrounding them is eradicated. By providing easier access to valuable knowledge and incorporating education about the breed in academic settings, she hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and understanding community.

In conclusion, Chey, the owner and creator of Frenchies On The Hill®️, is a dedicated and responsible breeder of French Bulldogs. Her love for the breed and her commitment to transparency, genetic health testing, and socialization make her kennel stand out. With her goals of education, support, and promoting the bully breed, Chey is making a positive impact in the bully breed community and beyond.

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