French Connection Bullies: Frenchie Breeder in California

French Connection Bullies: Frenchie Breeder in California

Meet Mimi Bustos, the founder of French Connection Bullies, a well-respected breeder based in Orange County, California. Her love for French Bulldogs began 17 years ago, at a farmers market, where she fell head over heels for the breed's stocky build, alertness, wrinkles, and clown-like personality.

As a responsible breeder, Mimi conducts genetic health tests on her studs and only uses studs that are at least 4-panel clear, all in an effort to eliminate health issues that are common to the breed. She ensures her puppies are well-socialized before they go to their new homes, by keeping them in a playpen with toys, taking them out to run around in the living room and backyard, and getting their first set of shots.

Mimi's favorite bloodlines for Frenchies include Valor, Bentley, King Cobra, Fire field, Buff, and Daystar, while for Bullies, her top picks are Beastro, Razors Edge, Dax, Gottiline, Lucky Luciano, and Remyline. Her most beloved dog is Beastro, and Mimi feels honored to have lived in an era where such a beautiful dog existed.

French Connection Bullies: Frenchie Breeder in California

For Mimi, being a responsible breeder means prioritizing the dog's well-being and only breeding for what's safe and healthy for them. She also only sells her dogs to responsible breeders, and always meets her clients at her vet's office. Her contract offers a one-year life span guarantee from congenital health issues, and she encourages her clients to stay in touch, update her with pictures, and bring back the dogs if they can no longer keep them.

Mimi has been showing dogs since 2016 and is also a dog show judge. Her main goal for 2023 is to Champ out her bitch Baby Phat. She hopes to leave her mark in the dog community and serve as a positive role model in the industry. She also runs a YouTube channel, French Connection Bullies, to educate breeders and vlog about her experiences.

Mimi's main goal is to promote a positive outlook on the dog breeding industry and to see less hate among breeders. She believes in focusing on one's vision and not worrying about what others are doing. Her dad always supported her, and she hopes to make him proud by leaving a positive mark in the dog community.

Join Mimi on her journey to breed and raise healthy and happy dogs that are a true reflection of the beauty and joy of life.

Mimi is not just a breeder but also a positive role model in the dog industry. She strives to educate other breeders and share what has worked for her and her breeding program. Mimi's dogs are not just a business for her, they are her life. She spends most of her weekends at dog shows and is always learning and improving her craft. Mimi has trained under world-famous judges such as Ron Romos and Anthony Arnold and is an official judge with The WBR. When she's not judging or showing her dogs, Mimi spends time with her family, including her beautiful daughter and the memory of her father who supported her every step of the way.

Despite the ugly stigma that comes with being a breeder, Mimi continues to push forward and make her mark in the dog community. She loves what she does and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Bully Girl Magazine, a big highlight in her breeding career. Mimi's main goal for 2023 is to champ out her bitch Baby Phat, a beautiful and correct dog that she can't wait for the world to see.

Through her love and care for her animals, her respect for her dogs, and her dedication to breeding for structure and temperament, Mimi Bustos and French Connection Bullies have become a shining example of what it means to be a responsible breeder.

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  • Monique Navarro @_bullyland_Navarro

    Mimi has been a great inspiration and encouragement to all of us females breeders out here making choices to bedder the breed and not cut corners when it comes to healthy happy offspring DNA testing and socialization us utmost too priority she has lead all of us down a path of excellence and challenges us to new horizons in our vision thank you Mimi bustos sincerely monique with bullyland

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