Evolutionary Exotics: Breeding with Passion and Purpose

Evolutionary Exotics: Breeding with Passion and Purpose

Nestled in Indianapolis, IN, Evolutionary Exotics, led by the fervent Jessica Bailey, is not just a breeding kennel. It's a testament to the love and dedication for the Olde English Bulldog and French Bulldog breeds. These breeds, often surrounded by misconceptions and prejudice, find a voice and sanctuary with Jessica.

Jessica's journey into the world of dog breeding began with her undeniable love for English Bulldogs. However, her vision was clear: she wanted athletic, smaller bulldogs without compromising their health. Enter Quest, an Olde English Bulldog that ignited her passion for breeding the perfect, athletic, yet compact bulldog. On the other hand, her tryst with French Bulldogs was a result of sheer admiration for the breed. One frenchie led to another, and before she knew it, Jessica was in love.

The commitment to the health of the breeds she cherishes is evident in the rigorous health and DNA testing performed at Evolutionary Exotics. Using Embark for Olde English Bulldogs and a 4-5 panel test for French Bulldogs, she ensures the genetic integrity of every pup.

But breeding at Evolutionary Exotics is not just about genetics and health. Jessica believes in nurturing the spirit of the puppies. Every puppy is raised with toys, other dogs, kids, and family, ensuring they are socialized and ready to be a part of loving homes.

Jessica's approach to bloodlines is unique. She doesn't chase trends or big names. For her, it's about structure, health, and sometimes, color. She believes that quality can be found even in small, lesser-known kennels.

Addressing the misconceptions around bully breeds, Jessica emphasizes that aggression isn't a breed-specific trait. She believes in educating potential puppy buyers about the true nature of bulldogs. A responsible breeder, in Jessica's eyes, prioritizes the needs of the dogs over everything else. Their well-being, nutrition, and emotional health are paramount.

The diet for dogs at Evolutionary Exotics comprises dry kibble, with special nutrition for pregnant and nursing moms. The brands she trusts? Diamond natural salmon and lamb for adults, and Purina Pro Plan lamb for puppies.

Keeping her dogs fit is a priority for Jessica. Regular walks, play sessions in the yard, and occasional wild runs at the beach ensure the dogs are in top physical shape.

For those looking to be a part of the Evolutionary Exotics family, Jessica offers a seamless buying experience. From initial contact, face-to-face meetings, and financing options, every step is meticulously planned. And she stands firmly behind every pup she breeds, offering health guarantees and round-the-clock support.

Her dedication doesn't waver, even if a dog needs to be returned or rehomed. Jessica believes in providing a forever home for every dog she breeds, ensuring they always have a place to return to.

While Jessica doesn't currently participate in sanctioned dog shows, she enjoys fun shows, emphasizing the joy of participation over competition. Her advice to budding breeders? Arm yourself with knowledge, be passionate, and understand that breeding isn't a path to quick riches.

In the competitive world of dog breeding, Jessica believes the biggest challenges are competition and jealousy. Her solution? Focus on your vision and stay true to your purpose.

When asked about her role models in the bully game, Jessica's answer is refreshingly honest. She doesn't look up to anyone but admires female breeders who are making a mark in the dog industry.

As she looks ahead, Jessica's goal for the year is to elevate her program and expand her network. Ten years from now, she hopes the bully breed community will unite and function as a cohesive family.

What sets Evolutionary Exotics apart? In Jessica's words, it's knowledge, health, quality, structure, and unwavering support. Outside of breeding, she's a dedicated little league softball coach, a loving family person, and an avid supporter of children in sports and academics.

As for Bully Girl Magazine, Jessica is all praises. She believes it's a treasure trove of information for both breeders and pet homes.

In the heart of Indianapolis, Evolutionary Exotics stands as a beacon of commitment, love, and dedication to the Olde English Bulldog and French Bulldog breeds. With Jessica at the helm, the future of these breeds looks bright and promising.

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    I am glad I came across this and read this. It is a very informative article, both about Jessica and Bulldogs. Although I am not currently in the market for a dog, it is one I’d definitely consider. Thank you for all the great information!

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