Behind the Scenes at Droopy Kennels: A Tale of Dedication and Love

Behind the Scenes at Droopy Kennels: A Tale of Dedication and Love

In the heart of Stockton, CA, Jennifer R. runs Droopy Kennels, a beacon for quality breeding and genuine love for English Bulldogs and Frenchies. Her connection with these breeds is personal, driven by their affectionate nature. "The way they cuddle, their longing for attention; it's heartwarming," Jennifer shares, her eyes gleaming with passion.

This isn't just a business for her. It's a calling, and it's evident in the meticulous care she takes at every step. When purchasing a dog, Jennifer ensures that both parents have been health-tested. But her commitment doesn't stop there. She collaborates with the University of California, Davis for genetics and DNA testing, ensuring the lineage is pristine and healthy.

Jennifer's approach to nurturing puppies is holistic. They are always surrounded by the family, growing accustomed to human presence from a young age. Once they're old enough and have received their vaccinations, they're introduced to the outside world. "I let them play in the grass, inside a playpen, ensuring they first get familiar with other dogs through scent," she explains, highlighting her step-by-step socialization process.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Shrinkabulls bloodline, Jennifer has always been an admirer. "Ever since I began my journey in the bully world, Shrinkabulls has been a benchmark for me," she says with a fond smile.

But Jennifer is no stranger to challenges. One of the common misconceptions she often encounters is the issue of cherry eye in Bulldogs. Proactive in her approach, she believes in professional surgical interventions and keeps potential buyers informed. "I give them a choice - they can either wait for me to get it fixed or take the initiative themselves," she states.

Responsibility is at the core of her breeding philosophy. For Jennifer, it's about maintaining cleanliness, ensuring timely feeding, and providing home-cooked meals. Her dedication extends to the diet she chooses for her dogs, with a blend of quality meats, fish, fish oil, coconut oil, and select fruits. She swears by the Orijen dog food brand, claiming it's worth every penny for the health benefits it offers.

Jennifer's daily routine revolves around her dogs. Feeding them twice a day and ensuring they remain active, whether it's through walks or playful hours at the dog park, is crucial for their well-being. Her commitment to these animals isn't just professional; it's deeply personal. She recalls a heart-wrenching incident when a dog was stolen from her when she was just starting. The loss pushed her to purchase her first English Bulldog in Fresno, a cherished member of her kennel from Texas.

Support and post-purchase assistance are integral to Droopy Kennels' ethos. "I always tell new owners, especially those unfamiliar with the breed, to never hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help," she emphasizes. And if a puppy or dog doesn't fit well in their new home, Jennifer is always willing to take them back, ensuring they find the right family or stay with her.

Proudly, she introduces Two-face, her showstopper dog, and talks about his sister and their other girl, Mini. "But remember," she advises budding breeders, "this journey is filled with ups and downs. The loss of a puppy or any dog you've raised can be shattering. But resilience is key."

Jennifer's vision for the bully community is clear: unity, love, and shared knowledge. She dreams of a future where breeders collaborate rather than compete. "Raising top-quality dogs should be our collective goal," she asserts.

Apart from her kennel, Jennifer has a flair for photography, specializing in video work and photoshoots, always ensuring 4K quality.

As our conversation winds down, she shares her admiration for Bully Girl Magazine. "It's an amazing platform, allowing breeders like me to gain visibility globally. Everyone has a unique taste in dogs, and this magazine showcases that diversity."

As she bids goodbye, Jennifer's dedication to her dogs, her kennel, and the broader bully community shines bright. She isn't just a breeder; she's an ambassador for the breed, setting standards in care, love, and quality.

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