Create Greater Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Atlanta, GA

Create Greater Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Atlanta, GA

Demetrius is the proud owner of Greater Kennels, located in the hustle and bustle city of Atlanta, Georgia. He breeds XL American Bullies, a breed that he fell in love with thanks to Bossy Kennels and RBG and their impressive dogs. At Greater Kennels, Demetrius is a stickler for the health and temperament of his puppies, using tests such as Embark and OFA to ensure that only the best of the best are bred.

But Demetrius doesn't just stop at health tests - he also takes great care in socializing his puppies. He introduces them to his older dogs, his children, and even takes them on exciting car rides to get them ready for their forever homes. When it comes to bloodlines, Demetrius is a fan of the Gottyline and Greyline, which he considers the foundation of many XLs.

As a responsible breeder, Demetrius knows that the health and temperament of his dogs are top priority. He feeds his pups a diet of both kibble and raw food, with Victor kibble and his own special recipe for the raw meals. When it comes to dog food brands, Demetrius highly recommends Orijen and Victor. His dogs are fed once a day if they are over a year old, but puppies get the royal treatment with twice daily feedings. To keep his pups in tip-top shape, Demetrius takes them on long walks, plays tug of war with them, and even has them sprint up hills.

If you're interested in bringing a Greater Kennels puppy into your home, Demetrius has a process to make sure his pups are going to the perfect forever families. He'll ask about your preferences and budget, and then ask some screening questions to ensure that his puppies are going to a loving and safe home. And once you take your new furry friend home, Demetrius is still there for you - he only allows healthy puppies to leave his kennel and offers health guarantees and support to new owners.

In addition to breeding, Demetrius and his dogs also love to hit the show circuit. They'll be entering the ring this year, but they're always at events and shows, making a splash wherever they go. Demetrius has some words of wisdom for aspiring breeders - make sure this is your true passion because it requires a lot of love, time, and care. He also knows that egos and personal feelings towards other breeders can sometimes be a hurdle in the bully breed community, but he believes that showing respect to everyone and critiquing your own yard first is the key to overcoming it.

When it comes to role models in the industry, Demetrius looks up to none other than Bossy Kennels, who he considers the best in the business. His main goal for 2023 is to have a champion production, and in the next decade, he hopes to see more teamwork and quality breedings in the bully breed community. What sets Greater Kennels apart from the competition? Demetrius has some of the best females and top-notch lineage in his dogs, which you can't find anywhere else. When he's not busy with his pups, Demetrius doesn't have any other hobbies - dogs are his life. And as for Bully Girl Magazine, Demetrius thinks they're fantastic for the bully breed community and appreciates the work they put in.

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