Colorful Canine Chronicles: The Story of Eric Jackson and Crayola Kennels

Colorful Canine Chronicles: The Story of Eric Jackson and Crayola Kennels

Introduction: A Colorful Legacy

In the heart of Stockton, California, nestled amidst a bustling urban scape, lies a haven for canines of distinctive breeds, Crayola Kennels. At the helm of this burgeoning sanctuary is Eric Jackson, a man whose life orbits around the whimsical paws and wagging tails of his furry residents. Eric's Instagram handle, @crayolakennels, offers a whimsical window into the vibrant world he’s sculpted for his beloved companions.

A Diverse Canine Portfolio

Eric's kennel is a testament to his unyielding passion for a variety of breeds—ranging from the compact contours of Micro French and English Bulldogs, the mighty stature of Cane Corsos, to the refined elegance of Standard Poodles. The serendipity of gaining more space and time ushered Eric into the expansive world of dog breeding, allowing him to celebrate the diversity of canine forms and temperaments.

Pioneering Health Conscious Breeding

Every hopeful parent, canine or human, is privy to a thorough health screening at Crayola Kennels. Eric’s unwavering commitment to genetic health is propelled by past heartbreaks of acquiring dogs with severe health issues. By employing Wisdom Premium Testing, Eric ensures that the lineage he cultivates is free from life-threatening genetic disorders, setting a high bar in a realm where genetic health often takes a backseat.

Nurturing Puppies for the World Beyond

The journey from birth to a forever home is curated with meticulous care at Eric's kennel. Right from the whelping stage, his team is hands-on, showering the puppies with attention, and equipping them with the social tools to thrive in their new homes. The puppies aren’t just raised; they are nurtured, prepared to transition seamlessly into the arms of awaiting families.

Bloodlines Close to the Heart

Eric’s favor shimmers brightly on his own creation—the Diamond Line. Although he harbors admiration for the Maui Line and Grinch, it’s his bloodline that cradles his heart, reflecting his personal vision and aspirations in the world of dog breeding.

Busting Myths and Fostering Responsible Breeding

Eric often finds himself debunking the myth of quick riches in dog breeding. He emphasizes a commitment to enhancing the breed as the cornerstone for longevity in what he lovingly refers to as the "bully game." His advice to aspiring breeders echoes his own disciplined approach—eschewing fleeting trends that compromise a dog’s health in favor of timeless breed standards.

Diet and Conditioning: The Crayola Way

Royal Canine, Hills Science, and Orijen form the holy trinity of nutrition at Crayola Kennels. Coupled with a disciplined feeding schedule and an engaging fitness regimen, Eric ensures his dogs are the epitome of health and vitality. His expertise extends beyond breeding, delving into training, as his dogs navigate A-frames, catwalks, and treadmills to stay in prime shape.

Adopting a Crayola Companion: A Thorough Process

The process of adopting a pup from Crayola Kennels begins with understanding the prospective owner’s ultimate goal. From accepting a deposit to a thorough vet checkup and a personal handover, Eric ensures a smooth transition, setting a gold standard in responsible dog selling and buying.

A Guarantee of Life

Every dog adopted comes with a guarantee against life-threatening genetic issues, a testament to Eric’s confidence in his breeding ethics. His simple yet effective approach to handling returns or rehomings underscores his enduring commitment to every pup he’s nurtured.

Judging, Showing, and Aiming High

Eric wears multiple hats with aplomb. Not only does he show his males, but he also judges numerous shows, extending his expertise and vision into the broader canine community. His eyes are set on a lofty goal this year—to create a Diamond Line Isabella, further solidifying his kennel’s legacy.

Crafting a Respectful Bully Breed Community

With a desire for a more respectful and classy bully breed community, Eric envisions a decade ahead where the rough edges of the bully game are smoothened, and business is conducted with professionalism, devoid of street taint.

A Cut Above the Rest

Eric’s devotion transcends beyond mere breeding. He is immersed in every facet of his kennel’s operations, from whelping litters to cleaning kennels. This hands-on approach sets him apart in a competitive sphere, marking Crayola Kennels as a domain where love for dogs and business acumen coalesce harmoniously.

Beyond the Kennels: A Peek into Eric's World

Eric’s interests stretch into the realms of retro toy collecting, particularly Voltron, and the vibrant world of Cosplay, as showcased on his new page @itcosttoplay. These hobbies, akin to his dog breeding venture, reflect Eric’s penchant for the eclectic and whimsical.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

The community-centric ethos of Bully Girl Magazine resonates with Eric, who appreciates the spotlight it shines on both burgeoning and established breeders alike, nurturing a sense of inclusivity and recognition in the bully breed community.

To learn more about Crayola Kennels subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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