Come Correct Bullys: Micro American Bully Breeder in Massachusetts

Come Correct Bullys: Micro American Bully Breeder in Massachusetts

Once upon a time in the picturesque state of Massachusetts, a man named Alexander Peaslee embarks on an extraordinary journey with his kennel, Come Correct Bullys. Alexander, a passionate and dedicated dog breeder, specializes in the enchanting breed of Micro American Bullys.

Alexander's foray into the world of dog breeding begins when a friend, known as Bangoutbullyz, introduces him to another breeder called 038Bullyz. Fate intervenes when Alexander trades his CanAm Maverick for a female dog named China, and a two-litter breeding contract.

Determined to breed the healthiest puppies, Alexander diligently tests his dogs for genetic health conditions. He entrusts the care of his beloved canines to the expert hands of Broadview Animal Hospital in Dover, New Hampshire.

To ensure his puppies are well-adjusted and prepared for their new homes, Alexander exposes them to a world of love and socialization. Friends, family, and even customers at his family's Package and Variety store interact with the puppies, laying the foundation for a lifetime of joyous companionship.

A connoisseur of bloodlines, Alexander's favorite is Miagi. He believes that a responsible breeder is one who provides their dogs with plenty of exercise, quality food, clean water, friendly interactions, and top-notch veterinary care.

Throughout the year, Alexander nourishes his dogs with a diet of dry food, occasionally treating them to goats' milk for a healthy indulgence. Victor Pro Plus, a high-quality, high-protein dog food, is Alexander's go-to choice for his precious pets.

Alexander's dedication to his dogs extends beyond their diet, as he ensures they are in peak physical condition by taking them on frequent walks and runs along a nearby bike trail. His devotion to his dogs is unmatched, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to showcase their beauty and grace in dog shows starting in 2023.

For those interested in purchasing a puppy from Come Correct Bullys, Alexander is just a message away on his kennel's Instagram. He offers various breeding contract options, as well as health guarantees and support for the puppies as they transition to their new homes.

Alexander's journey has not been without its challenges. He has experienced heartache and loss, but his perseverance and love for his dogs have carried him through. As he looks to the future, he dreams of expanding his kennel and producing more healthy, functional, and beautiful dogs.

In the bully breed community, Alexander envisions a future where breeders prioritize health, function, and correctness. He is grateful for the support and mentorship of Eddie Bonilla from 038 Bullys and is determined to make a lasting impact on the world of Micro American Bullys.

Outside of his love for dogs, Alexander enjoys an array of hobbies, including going to the gym, boating, skiing, shooting, and off-roading. His passion and dedication to his kennel set him apart from the competition, as he strives for the perfect balance of badass looks and flawless function in his dogs.

As Alexander continues his incredible journey with Come Correct Bullys, he appreciates the recognition and support from Bully Girl Magazine. And so, with a heart full of love for his dogs and a determination to excel, Alexander Peaslee's adventure in the world of Micro American Bullys is just beginning.

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