Clean Hands Equals Healthy Pets

Clean Hands Equals Healthy Pets

Keeping your hands clean is your first line of defense in virus and infectious disease prevention. We all love our bully breed dogs, and enjoy playing with them daily. However, we don't realize the danger we put our pets and family members in, by simply not keeping our hands clean from germs.

Germs are picked up everywhere throughout our normal daily tasks. Going to the gym, pumping gas, lacing your shoes, even touching door handles all make you susceptible to carrying dangerous germs. These germs may or may not be that serious, but they are gems nonetheless. 

You should always wash or sanitize your hands several times throughout the day, for at least 20-30 seconds. When it comes to your pets, definitely wash and/or sanitize after:

  • touching or playing with your bully breed dogs
  • feeding your bully breed dogs or handling pet food in general
  • handling pet cages, cleaning dog kennels or toys
  • cleaning up after your bully breed dogs
  • moving between well and sick areas of your home
  • removing dirty clothing, shoes or sneakers

Practicing good hygiene well keep you and your pets happy. With the recent spread of the Corona Virus, these hygiene practices are more important than ever before. Stay safe, and we hope to see you all at the next bully breed dog show!

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