Calstate Bullys Kennel: XL and Pocket Bully Breeder in California

Calstate Bullys Kennel: XL and Pocket Bully Breeder in California

Charles Kirk Baker III, the owner of Calstate Bullys Kennel located in Southern California, has a passion for breeding XL and Pocket Bullies. But more than that, he wants to show the world just how loving these dogs are and erase the stigma associated with their breed.

As a responsible dog breeder, Charles ensures that his dogs undergo health checks and embark testing. He also socializes his puppies early on, training them and exposing them to different animals, people, and environments.

When it comes to the diet of his dogs, Charles mixes kibble with raw meats, eggs, and vegetables. He recommends Victor dog food and feeds his dogs twice a day, with more meals for pregnant or whelping dogs. To keep them in shape, he takes them on daily walks and schedules trips to the dog park or lakes.

The process of purchasing a pup from Calstate Bullys is straightforward. After reviewing the contract and arranging for a deposit, Charles and the buyer will work out shipping arrangements.

Health guarantees and support for puppies are also provided for the first six months of life. Charles shows his dogs in ABKC shows, and his advice to upcoming breeders is to give it their all and be ready to put in the work.

For Charles, the most challenging thing for people in the bully game is health problems in the breed. He believes that breeders should conduct health checks on their dogs and not breed those that have problems. His goal for 2023 is to become one of the top breeders worldwide and produce champion-quality dogs that make excellent family members.

In 10 years, Charles hopes that the bully breed community will be accepted and loved by all dog lovers worldwide. What sets Calstate Bullys apart from the competition, besides their dogs' PEDs, is the love and support that they provide to their clients.

Apart from breeding, Charles enjoys riding ATVs in the desert and fishing. He has nothing but praises for Bully Girl Magazine, which he thinks is doing an excellent job of promoting the bully breed community.

Charles' passion for breeding and love for his dogs are evident in everything he does. He is determined to be one of the top breeders worldwide while educating people about the lovable and affectionate nature of the bully breed.

To learn more about Charles and Calstate Bullys Kennel, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

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