Bullion Kennel: Oldschool Blood American Bully Breeder in Texas

Bullion Kennel: Oldschool Blood American Bully Breeder in Texas

Meet Hassam Ahmad, the proud breeder behind Bullion Kennel located in Fort Worth, Texas. Hassam breeds Oldschool Blood American Bullies, dogs that have inspired him to keep the OG Style Blood alive in his kennel. Hassam plans to test his breeding dogs for genetic health conditions in the near future, but acknowledges that no amount of testing can guarantee the absence of genetic conditions.

Hassam is dedicated to socializing his puppies and preparing them for their new homes by exposing them to different environments, obstacles, and other dogs and kids. He believes that this helps increase their confidence and intelligence. Hassam's favorite bloodlines are OG Greyline and Razor Edge.

In his opinion, a responsible dog breeder is someone who is honest, treats their dogs well, maintains their kennel, and provides their dogs with a healthy diet. Hassam feeds his dogs a combination of a raw diet, kibble, and tuna, and recommends Rachel Ray's dog food. He feeds his dogs once a day, but with a large meal, to keep them sharp and not lazy. Hassam also keeps his dogs in shape by taking them for walks and providing them with a large space to run and play.

The process of purchasing a pup from Hassam's kennel is straightforward. First, introduce yourself and discuss your vision. Then, agree on a price and sign a contract. Currently, Hassam does not offer any health guarantees or support for his puppies after they go to their new homes, but he does ensure that they receive a vet check before they leave.

Hassam is not currently showing any of his dogs but is actively seeking partners to do so in the future. He advises upcoming breeders to do their homework on bloodlines and kennels and to ask questions and take notes from successful breeders. Hassam believes that the most difficult thing for people in the bully breed community is marketing and understanding how to produce good bullies by combining bloodlines. He suggests working hard, reaching out to honest dog people, and breeding for purpose instead of becoming a puppy mill.

Hassam looks up to Gary "Doc" Moore, co-founder of OG Greyline blood, for his honesty, reputation, and contributions to the bully breed movement. Hassam's main goal for 2023 is to promote his dogs and get them exposure in the show ring. In 10 years, he hopes to see less negativity and more positivity in the bully breed community. Hassam believes that what separates his kennel from the competition is his dedication to breeding for his own purpose and not following trends.

When he's not breeding, Hassam enjoys photography, cars, and jewelry. He likes Bully Girl Magazine because it gives the breed a balanced and inclusive representation. Hassam is passionate about his work and is dedicated to producing high-quality American Bullies.

To learn more about Bullion Kennel, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App. Both are available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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