BullDoze Kennel: Mini French Bulldog Breeder in Chicago, Illinois

BullDoze Kennel: Mini French Bulldog Breeder in Chicago, Illinois

In the bustling heart of Chicago, Illinois, where urban energy fuses with a profound love for animals, you'll find Yesi, the passionate owner of BullDoze Kennel. Her devotion to mini French bulldogs is more than a hobby; it's a calling that has transformed into a thriving breeding program.

Yesi's story is one of evolution. Once a breeder of pit bulls, she stepped away from the world of breeding when she moved states. But fate had other plans. A chance encounter with a friend's French bulldog ignited a spark that soon turned into an all-consuming love for the breed. From a single pet, her collection grew, and the BullDoze Kennel was born.

Health and DNA testing are cornerstones of Yesi's breeding program. Each dog undergoes comprehensive testing for all panels, and working studs are OFA tested along with brucellosis when they reach the appropriate age. This commitment to health ensures that the legacy of BullDoze Kennel is one of robust vitality and genetic integrity.

The process of socializing puppies at BullDoze Kennel is both meticulous and compassionate. From birth, the puppies undergo sensory exercises. At three weeks, they are introduced to the bustling sounds of city life, classical music, and mingling with other dogs. Young godchildren join the fray, playing with the pups and teaching them boundaries. Potty training begins early, and Yesi even strives to train them to bark less and be crate trained, easing their transition to new homes.

Cobra blood, a favorite bloodline, adds an exotic touch to the kennel's lineage. But beyond the bloodline, Yesi's approach to breeding is steeped in ethics and a profound respect for the breed and fellow breeders. Her idea of a responsible breeder includes having a healthy, registered, and structurally sound program that prioritizes the dogs' welfare, combined with honesty and respect.

Diet is another area where Yesi's expertise shines. A blend of raw and freeze-dried raw food, enriched with supplements like fish oil and liquid gold, forms the dietary regimen. While diamond dog food is occasionally used, the raw diet takes precedence. Her dogs are fed once a day, with raw stuffed tracheas as a bedtime treat.

BullDoze Kennel's sprawling yard offers a playground for the dogs. They run, play with balls, frolic with the hose, and indulge in outdoor fun, keeping in shape throughout the year.

The journey of purchasing a pup from BullDoze Kennel is tailored to each potential owner. Yesi's process includes detailed conversations, video calls, contracts, and a commitment to finding the perfect fit for both the pup and the owner. Local deliveries are scheduled, and out-of-state buyers have access to hand delivery or a flight nanny service.

A two-year guarantee against any genetic health defects is offered, along with lifelong mentorship. If a pup or adult dog needs to be returned or rehomed, Yesi handles the situation with compassion and fairness, balancing the needs of the pup with the financial concerns of the owner.

As her confidence grows, Yesi hopes to show her dogs in more sanctioned events. Her advice to upcoming breeders is filled with wisdom: patience, perseverance, and a carefully chosen support circle. She acknowledges the ever-changing market as a significant challenge in the bully game but believes in staying true to oneself and maintaining quality.

Manny, a local breeder who mentored Yesi, stands as a beacon of inspiration. His willingness to share knowledge has shaped her approach to breeding and solidified her belief in community over competition.

Yesi's vision for 2023 includes producing healthier, smaller, and more structurally sound French bulldogs of color. A decade from now, she hopes to see a stronger community within the bully breed world. What sets BullDoze Kennel apart is Yesi's philosophy that there's no real competition, and that success can be shared.

Beyond breeding, Yesi runs a small mobile canine reproduction service, providing a range of services from PG tests to cryopreservation of semen. Her multifaceted involvement in the canine world is a testament to her dedication and love for dogs.

Yesi's appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine reflects her passion for recognizing the role of women in breeding. It's a platform that not only celebrates excellent breeders but also honors the women who support their breeder partners.

Yesi's world is a symphony of love, care, and dedication to her beloved mini French bulldogs. At BullDoze Kennel, every bark resonates with joy, every wagging tail tells a story, and every pup is a testament to Yesi's unwavering commitment to the breed.

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