Brooklyn Bully Cartel: American Bully Breeder in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Bully Cartel: American Bully Breeder in Brooklyn, NY

Jhonattan is the proud owner of Brooklyn Bully Cartel, a kennel located in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he breeds American bullies. He fell in love with this breed after buying his first American bully and researching it extensively. Today, Jhonattan's kennel boasts one of the hottest chocolate tri studs in the game, the legendary ESCOBAR.

As a responsible breeder, Jhonattan ensures that all his breeding dogs undergo health tests recommended by his veterinary. He also keeps his puppies well-socialized by interacting with them daily through routine walks, potty training, and toys to keep them active.

One bloodline that has always caught Jhonattan's attention is the Veneno bloodline. He admires the legendary Veneno, who made a name for himself overseas in China. For Jhonattan, a great breeder must ensure that dogs will not pass down any defects or health conditions and work towards bettering the breed and ensuring its longevity.

Jhonattan's dogs follow a kibble and meat-based topper diet, adding vitamins, salmon oil, and fruits. His recommended dog food brands are Victor professional for all life stages and Fresh pet vital, which is cooked dog food. To keep his dogs in shape, he takes them out for walks, lots of fresh air, and sunlight.

When customers are interested in his puppies, Jhonattan provides pictures and videos if they cannot see them in person. He also provides full pedigree and vaccination records, images of parents, and does a Q&A with customers. Depending on the customer's location, there are shipping options, or they can come directly to his kennel. All puppies receive a complete health test before leaving, and Jhonattan provides a six-month guarantee.

Brooklyn Bully Cartel has traveled to many states to participate in competitions and showcase their amazing bulls. They also provide pictures and videos on Instagram for all to see.

For up-and-coming breeders, Jhonattan advises them to do their homework on everything, from learning pedigrees to breeding, marketing, whelping, etc. He encourages them to follow a vision and not be afraid to invest in their camp. The most challenging thing to overcome in this business is the losses one may take, but perseverance is key.

Jhonattan looks up to those who continue to elevate their camps and genuinely love and believe in this breed. His future goals for this year are to continue to build the alliance and partnership he has with China and, hopefully, to bring it around the world. He also aims to continue to create amazing bulls and see the breed grow.

What sets Jhonattan apart from other breeders is the bloodline he is working with. He imported his dogs from China and is currently one of the few with such diversity. In his spare time, Jhonattan enjoys aquarium keeping and currently has a selection of exotic fish.

Jhonattan expresses his gratitude towards Bully Girl magazine for giving breeders a space to connect with their audience and the opportunity to voice what they do behind the scenes. He thanks them for the experience and recognition by their magazine.

If you want to learn more about Brooklyn Bully Cartel, check them out on Instagram at @brooklynbullycartel. You can also learn more about the Brooklyn Bully Cartel by subscribing to Bully Girl Magazine and downloading the Bully Girl Mobile App, which is available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

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