Bossedup Bullykamp: Standard and Pocket American Bully Breeder in Texas

Bossedup Bullykamp: Standard and Pocket American Bully Breeder in Texas

In the bustling town of Killeen, Texas, a passionate dog breeder named Trevion Perry, popularly known as Bossedup Trevvy, has been making waves in the world of American Bullies. He runs Bossedup Bullykamp, a kennel renowned for its Standard and Pocket American Bullies.

Trevvy's journey into the world of dog breeding is as intriguing as his passion. Originally drawn to the more sizable XL bullies, his love gradually shifted towards the shorter, more compact American Bullies. This transformation came about from his participation in dog shows and his growing admiration for the distinct looks and temperament of this unique breed. Having grown up with Pitbull Terriers, the phenotype of the American Bully is more appealing and impressive to Trevvy.

Being an advocate for the health of his dogs, Trevvy ensures they undergo Embark genetic testing. He plans on performing OFA tests for his bullies in the near future. His dedication to socializing his puppies and preparing them for their new homes is evident in the activities he engages them in; exposure to outdoors, sounds, smells, a variety of toys, and older, gentle dogs form part of his puppies' early experiences.

Among the myriad of bloodlines in the bully world, Trevvy has a clear favorite – BIG DOGS ROMANIA. When it comes to misconceptions about the bully breed, he is determined to clarify that American Bullies are not "Pitbulls" or a "different kind of Pitbull", but a separate breed with distinct characteristics and temperament.

To Trevvy, a responsible breeder is not just knowledgeable about the breed and dog health, but also possesses qualities such as trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity. Nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining his dogs' health throughout the year; he feeds them a mix of various kibbles and raw food twice a week. His pups enjoy kibble brands like Victor, Diamond, and Sportmix, while BlueNote’s Raw for dogs is his go-to for raw food.

One can sense the excitement in his voice when he speaks about his young show prospect, "Westside Gunn". This promising pup has already made a mark in the BRC-Global and various fun shows, with plans to hit the big stage in the ABKC run in October.

For upcoming breeders, his advice is to trust the process and interact more with the community rather than focusing solely on online resources. He emphasizes the importance of placing the dogs' welfare before money. To overcome the challenges of kennel blindness and varying egos in the bully game, he calls for unity, collaboration, and honesty across the board.

Trevvy looks up to Robert Lee of the Bully Market for his work in building a true bloodline and producing six generations of Grand Champions. His main goal for 2023 is to make Westside Gunn a Champ/Grand Champ.

A decade from now, Trevvy envisions a bully breed community with more consistent phenotypes, fewer health issues, larger confirmation shows, and more attendees. He hopes the world will fully acknowledge the American Bully as a breed separate from the American Pitbull Terrier.

When asked about what separates Bossedup Bullykamp from other kennels, he cites his genuine love for dogs and the community. Besides his interest in dog breeding, Trevvy also enjoys art, drawing, and riding Raptor 450s, Banshees, TRX 450s, and YZ 250s.

Trevvy concludes by expressing his fondness for Bully Girl Magazine. He also admires the t-shirts featuring dogs and models and aspires to have one of his dogs featured on one. His love for the American Bully breed and dedication to enhancing the breed standard.

To learn more about Bossedup Bullykamp, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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