Alchemist Bullies: Pocket and Standard American Bully Breeder in California

Alchemist Bullies: Pocket and Standard American Bully Breeder in California

Meet Frankie Sepulveda, the owner and operator of Alchemist Bullies, a kennel located in the picturesque Northern California. Frankie has a passion for dogs, and he has a soft spot for the Pocket and Standard Bully breeds. He finds that these breeds are incredibly intelligent, kind and have great behavior, which sets them apart from other types of dogs.

Frankie is dedicated to breeding the best dogs possible, and to do that, he makes sure to test his breeding dogs for genetic health conditions. He uses Embark Breed Identification DNA testing to ensure that his puppies are healthy and free of any infectious diseases.

To prepare his puppies for their new homes, Frankie has a daily routine in place to socialize them. He believes that it is important for the puppies to get comfortable with their new owners first. He also provides them with all the essentials and gives as much information and advice as possible on how to care for the puppies.

One of Frankie's favorite bloodlines is the Gottyline, but he has many other great bloodlines as well. In his opinion, a responsible breeder is one who provides their dogs with quality food, clean water, exercise, human connection, equipped shelter, and regular veterinarian checkups.

Frankie keeps his dogs on an Instinct Raw Boost diet and homemade meals. He feeds them twice a day and keeps them in shape by taking them on morning park walks. To purchase a pup from Frankie's kennel, one has to first find out if they are responsible and suitable for ownership. Then, an appointment would be made to meet in person and show the available puppies. He establishes a relationship with the buyer and lets them know that they can count on his help at any time.

Frankie also offers health guarantees and support for his puppies after they go to their new homes. He has several of his dogs show at the ABKC and has some advice for upcoming breeders: schedule dogs health screenings, list specific health conditions, learn dogs flaws, attend dog shows, get involved with other breeders, find mentors, and spend time on online communities.

He believes that the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome is the misconception that these breeds are aggressive. To overcome this, he suggests bringing the dogs out and allowing people to interact with them and informing people that this breed is known for having an affinity towards children.

Frankie looks up to Juan and Shantell Acevedo from the @mudville_bullies, they are his mentors. His main goal for this year is to take his dogs to as many shows as possible and get known in as many places as possible. He wants the bully breed community to still be going strong in the future.

What separates Frankie's kennel from the competition is his one of a kind bloodlines, the way he treats his dogs as family, and the support of the people who believe in him. When he isn't breeding, he enjoys hiking and traveling. Frankie is a big fan of the bully breed overall, loves to read Bully Girl, as he feels it is brilliant and a great source to stay up to date on the most popular bloodlines and breedings out there.

This is the story of Frankie Sepulveda and his beloved kennel, @alchemist_bullies, located in the heart of Northern California. A breeder who is passionate about his dogs and dedicated to breeding the best of the best.

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