ABKC: The Original American Bully Registry setting the Standard

ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club): A Melting Pot of Diverse and Esteemed Bully Dog Breeds

The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) has established itself as a pivotal institution in the canine world, particularly for the American Bully breed. With its roots deeply embedded in the promotion and protection of purebred dog breeds, the ABKC has become synonymous with the original and official registry for the American Bully breed since its inception in 2004.

A Sanctuary for the American Bully Breed

The American Bully, a breed known for its muscular build and loyal nature, has found a sanctuary within the ABKC. Initially created in the 1990s through the breeding of American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers, the American Bully was developed with an aim to establish a breed that possessed a more muscular build and a gentler temperament, making them splendid family pets. The breed quickly gained popularity among dog enthusiasts and was eventually recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2013.

The ABKC: A True International All-Breed Dog Registry

The ABKC stands out as a true international all-breed dog registry, designed meticulously to promote and protect purebred dog breeds, with a special emphasis on the American Bully. The organization has been pivotal in providing a platform for enthusiasts and breeders to register and showcase their dogs, ensuring the breed's characteristics and lineage are preserved and celebrated. Here's an extensive breakdown of the breeds supported by the ABKC:

1. American Bulldog

Known for its history tracing back to 1121 BC, the American Bulldog is celebrated for its muscular build and loyal nature. The ABKC serves as a registry that acknowledges and promotes the breed's rich history and characteristics.

2. American Bully

Characterized by its compact, medium/large size, muscular body, and blocky head, the American Bully is a breed that gives an impression of great strength for its size. The ABKC provides a platform to showcase and register this popular breed.

3. American Pit Bull Terrier

With over 150 years of history, the American Pit Bull Terrier, originally bred to be a gladiator, is recognized and registered by the ABKC, ensuring the breed's physical and temperamental characteristics are preserved.

4. American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier, known for its strength, grace, and alertness, finds a place in the ABKC, which acknowledges its muscular build and protective nature.

5. Boston Terrier

The Colored Boston Terrier, a lively and highly intelligent breed, is recognized by the ABKC, which provides a platform to promote and register this compact and well-balanced dog.

6. Bull Terrier

Known for its stocky build and muscular form, the Bull Terrier is recognized by the ABKC, which celebrates its courageous and intelligent nature.

7. Cane Corso

The ABKC recognizes the Cane Corso, an ancient Italian breed known for its sturdy skeleton and muscular, athletic movement.

8. Dogo Argentino

Characterized by its molossian normal type and mesomorphic structure, the Dogo Argentino is recognized and registered by the ABKC.

9. English Bulldog

The ABKC recognizes the English Bulldog, a breed known for its medium size, smooth coat, and heavy, thick-set, low-swung body.

10. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, known for its active and intelligent demeanor, is recognized by the ABKC, which provides a platform for enthusiasts and breeders alike.

11. Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier, a compact version of the Bull Terrier, is recognized by the ABKC, which celebrates its stocky and strongly built nature.

12. New Age Bulldog

The New Age Bulldog, a small to medium-sized dog with a thick smooth coat, is recognized and registered by the ABKC.

13. Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge, known for its loyalty and courage, is recognized by the ABKC, which provides a platform to promote and preserve the breed.

14. Pacific Bulldog

The Pacific Bulldog, known for its compact and powerful build, is recognized and registered by the ABKC.

15. Save-A-Bully

The ABKC provides a special class, "Save-A-Bully," designed to provide a venue for the exhibition of all altered Bully Breeds.

16. Shorty Bull

Shorty Bulls®, often referred to as a compact and muscular bulldog of small stature, are recognized and registered by the ABKC.

Each breed, with its unique characteristics and history, finds a haven within the ABKC, which provides a platform to promote, register, and celebrate the diversity and richness of the bully breeds. The ABKC plays a pivotal role in ensuring that each breed's characteristics, lineage, and legacy are preserved and celebrated through various events, educational programs, and registration processes.

Events and Education: A Core of the ABKC

The ABKC is not merely a registry but a vibrant community that hosts numerous events and educational programs. With events like "Houston Bullnanza 2" and "ABKC Hampton Roads Fall Classic 2023," the ABKC provides a platform for breeders and enthusiasts to come together, showcase their dogs, and participate in a variety of competitions and shows. These events serve as a hub for the community to exchange knowledge, celebrate the breed, and continue to elevate the standards and recognition of the American Bully.

ABKC TV and Rankings

The ABKC also extends its reach through "ABKC TV," providing a media platform that likely offers insights, highlights from events, and various educational content related to the breed. Moreover, the ABKC rankings provide a competitive platform for breeders and owners to strive for excellence, ensuring that the breed's standards are not only maintained but continually elevated.

The ABKC Store and Marketplace

The ABKC also features a store and marketplace, which may serve as a hub for enthusiasts to purchase merchandise, and potentially, products related to dog care and breeding. This not only provides a one-stop-shop for enthusiasts but also helps in promoting the brand and generating funds that can be utilized for the betterment of the breed and the community.

In Conclusion

The ABKC, with its rich history and pivotal role in the promotion of the American Bully breed, stands as a testament to the beauty and capability of organized breeding and community building. Through its events, educational initiatives, and media platforms, the ABKC continues to be a beacon for breeders, owners, and enthusiasts, ensuring that the American Bully breed is celebrated, protected, and propelled into a future where its legacy is preserved and cherished.

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