2xImpeccable Frenchie: American Bully & French Bulldog Breeder in New York

2xImpeccable Frenchie: American Bully & French Bulldog Breeder in New York

Introducing Tim from 2xImpeccable Frenchie, located in Central Islip, Southampton, and Mastic, New York. Tim is a passionate breeder of American Bullies and French Bulldogs, and his journey into the world of breeding is a story worth sharing.

Tim admits that he used to have reservations about smaller dog breeds, considering them loud and mean. However, fate had other plans for him. A friend of his rehomed a two-year-old French Bulldog named Olive to Tim, and everything changed. Olive proved to be incredibly loyal, loving, and a natural protector. Tim couldn't resist falling in love with the compact and robust frame of the French Bulldog. The moment Olive came into heat, Tim knew he wanted to breed her. Partnering with HdBULLYZ's "Pressure Bust Pipes," Olive had her first litter and blessed them with Star Fire, Pressure's best daughter. To this day, Tim considers her one of their most exceptional French Bulldog productions, a testament to the breed's charm and resilience. Tim sends a special shout-out to Lu Lu and Hailey for their remarkable contributions.

At 2xImpeccable Frenchie, genetic health testing is a top priority. Tim ensures that all their breeding dogs undergo the comprehensive Embark test, which examines 305 inherited diseases, as well as factors like color and hair length. This meticulous testing ensures that the puppies they produce are healthy and free from genetic conditions.

When it comes to socializing their puppies and preparing them for new homes, Tim and his team go above and beyond. They take the little ones to the park, where they can play and interact with kids and other dogs. Fetch games are a favorite pastime, and the puppies also have the chance to meet other dogs on leashes in neutral territories. These experiences help the puppies acclimate to different environments and become well-rounded companions.

Ask Tim about his favorite bloodline, and he will proudly mention 2x. Their dedication to maintaining and improving this line is a testament to their passion for breeding top-quality dogs. It's a labor of love that shines through in every aspect of their work.

Tim firmly believes that responsible dog breeders must educate their customers about the breed, prioritize the quality of life for their dogs, and make informed decisions for their breeding programs. It's about more than just producing puppies; it's about ensuring that each dog has the best possible start in life.

When it comes to the dogs' diet, Tim feeds them a balanced and nutritious mix of Victor's dog food, rice, peas, salmon oil, beef liver, apples, and pumpkin. For those seeking specific brands, Tim recommends Victor's, Hills Science, Purina Pro Plan, and Taste of the Wild. The dogs are fed twice a day, with each meal carefully measured to meet their individual needs.

To keep the dogs in prime shape throughout the year, 2xImpeccable Frenchie engages in various activities. Walking, jogging, playing fetch, tug of war with ropes, stack training, and personalized food measuring for each dog's unique requirements all contribute to their overall fitness and well-being.

Purchasing a puppy from 2xImpeccable Frenchie is a personalized experience. Tim and his team take the time to understand the needs of potential owners, ensuring that their fur baby is the perfect fit for their family. They provide informative answers, arrange meet and greets, and offer ongoing communication, including photos and videos. It's a comprehensive process that reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Their dedication doesn't stop after the puppy leaves their kennel. Tim and his team maintain contact with all the puppy owners, offering health guarantees and around-the-clock support. As certified veterinary assistants, they possess the expertise in the field, allowing them to provide exceptional customer service and care. The peace of mind that comes with knowing there is always someone available to address any concerns or questions sets 2xImpeccable Frenchie apart from the competition.

Not only does Tim breed and care for dogs, but he also shows them. Star Fire, the bougie baby, had her debut showing in December at the Boosie Show in South Carolina. Tim takes pride in showcasing his dogs' exceptional qualities and the hard work that goes into their breeding program.

When asked about advice for upcoming breeders, Tim emphasizes the importance of passion and dedication. Loving the animals and being committed to the breed is essential to thrive in this game. Tim also stresses the need for focus and goal execution. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges and setbacks that come with breeding, but staying on track and surrounding yourself with a supportive network is key.

Tim acknowledges that the bully game presents its fair share of difficulties. Beyond the breeding challenges, there are everyday life struggles that can drain one's energy and make them contemplate giving up. However, Tim believes that consistency and a strong support system are crucial in overcoming these obstacles. The ability to stay grounded and persevere through tough times is what sets successful breeders apart.

In the bully game, Tim looks up to two individuals who have been instrumental in his journey: 2ND To None Mr. Danny and HDBulLYZ. These mentors welcomed Tim and his brothers, Mario and Rell, into the community with open arms and provided guidance along the way. Tim is forever grateful for their support and guidance.

Looking ahead to 2023, one of Tim's main goals is to increase their networking and brand exposure. Whether it's attending dog shows or simply carrying their brand with pride in everyday life, Tim wants people to know who they are and what they represent. Education is also a priority, as they continue to broaden their knowledge as breeders and individuals. Becoming certified veterinary assistants was a significant step towards achieving their goals.

When envisioning the future of the bully breed community in ten years, Tim desires a healthier breed with fewer allergies and health issues. He hopes for an overall improvement in the quality of life for these dogs. Moreover, Tim sees the bully game becoming more commercially accepted and organized in the show ring. The sky's the limit, and Tim believes there is still untapped potential to be discovered.

Aside from breeding, Tim and his team are involved in the veterinary field. They recently became certified veterinary assistants and are pursuing their associates in animal science and vet tech licenses. The investment in their program extends beyond the dogs themselves, as they seek knowledge to provide the best care possible. The level of thought and meticulous planning that goes into their breedings, from studying DNA to analyzing pedigrees and observing previous productions, is a testament to their dedication.

Outside of breeding, Tim has a love for boxing and cherishes spending time with his daughter. Whether they're enjoying treats at Carvel or bouncing around in a bouncy house, the precious moments with his family bring balance and joy to his life.

When it comes to Bully Girl Magazine, Tim holds it in high regard. Being featured in the magazine is an honor, and he looks forward to being a part of many more opportunities to come. The platform provided by the magazine allows breeders like Tim to showcase their hard work and passion, connecting them with a wider audience.

Tim's story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to producing top-quality American Bullies and French Bulldogs. Through his journey, he has overcome challenges, found mentors, and continued to educate himself to become a better breeder and person. With his kennel, 2xImpeccable Frenchie, Tim has set a standard of excellence in the bully breed community. Their genetic health testing, socialization efforts, and personalized approach to customer care have garnered them a reputation as one of the leading kennels in Central Islip, Southampton, and Mastic, New York.

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