26FaceKennels: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder in NC

26 Face Kennels: American Bully and French Bulldog Breeder in NC

Meet Laquan Melvin, the passionate breeder behind 26FaceKennels, located in the beautiful city of Fayetteville, NC. Laquan specializes in breeding American Bullies and French Bulldogs, offering a range of sizes from Pockets to Micros, with plans to venture into breeding nanos. But what inspired Laquan to dedicate himself to these magnificent breeds?

As we sit down for an exclusive interview with Laquan, his eyes light up with enthusiasm. He shares that his love for dogs began during his childhood, surrounded by pitbulls. His family, too, cherished these loyal companions. However, it wasn't until 2014 when he acquired his first American bully that he truly experienced the breed's exceptional qualities. Mesmerized by the beauty, temperament, and overall magnificence of the American Bully, Laquan knew he had found his calling.

As a responsible breeder, Laquan understands the importance of genetic health testing. While he admits to being fairly new to the world of genetic testing, he recognizes its significance in ensuring the well-being of his breeding dogs. Currently, he performs traditional DNA tests that shed light on potential health conditions that may affect his dogs, allowing him to make informed decisions for their future.

But breeding exceptional dogs goes beyond genetics. Laquan goes the extra mile to socialize his puppies, preparing them for their new homes. He gradually introduces them to his other dogs, particularly Khalifa and Weezo, who eagerly step into the role of "puppy dads," showering the little ones with love and teaching them important social skills. Laquan's dedication to nurturing well-rounded, socialized puppies sets him apart as a breeder who goes above and beyond.

When it comes to bloodlines, Laquan has a soft spot for V-line Venom, an iconic lineage that has captivated enthusiasts worldwide. However, he can't help but be drawn to the allure of Bape, appreciating the unique qualities this bloodline brings to the table. Laquan's deep knowledge and appreciation for different bloodlines exemplify his commitment to understanding and enhancing the breed's diversity.

One of the most common misconceptions about the bully breed is that they are mean and aggressive. Laquan is quick to address this stereotype and advises potential buyers to choose their breeders wisely. He encourages them to visit the breeder's facility, inspect the living conditions, and ensure that temperament is a priority in the breeding program. By educating potential puppy buyers, Laquan is dispelling myths and showcasing the true nature of these loving and gentle breeds.

As a responsible breeder, Laquan firmly believes in certain characteristics that set professionals apart from the rest. He shares his insights, emphasizing the importance of providing a high-quality diet and avoiding cheap, low-grade food that compromises a dog's well-being. Clean and spacious kennels, along with ample exercise and social interaction, are must-haves for Laquan. He also highlights the significance of maintaining a strong reputation and addressing any allegations promptly with evidence to protect both his name and the integrity of his kennel.

Diet plays a vital role in the overall health of Laquan's dogs. During the summer, he opts for a fish-based diet to keep them cool and provide essential nutrients. For the remainder of the year, he relies on Zignature, a premium dog food brand known for its quality and inclusion of probiotics. But it's not just about the diet—Laquan ensures his dogs have plenty of exercise by allowing them to roam and play on his expansive acre of land. Regular walks and engaging activities keep his dogs in peak physical shape throughout the year.

When it comes to recommended dog food brands, Laquan has a clear hierarchy in mind. He suggests starting with Zignature, followed by Orjen and Acana. These brands have consistently proven their quality and nutritional value, providing dogs with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Feeding routines are essential to maintain a balanced diet, and Laquan has tailored his approach accordingly. His outside dogs have the freedom to free-feed, allowing them to eat at their own pace throughout the day. On the other hand, his indoor dogs enjoy a structured feeding schedule, receiving their meals twice a day. By customizing his feeding practices to meet the needs of each dog, Laquan ensures optimal health and vitality.

Keeping his dogs in top shape is a priority for Laquan. He accomplishes this through a combination of exercise and playtime. His dogs have the luxury of an acre of land to explore and run freely. Laquan enthusiastically shares that throwing a ball and engaging in interactive play not only keeps his dogs physically fit but also strengthens the bond between him and his beloved companions. Additionally, he takes them on half-mile walks twice a week, further promoting their overall well-being.

Now, let's take a walk through the process of purchasing a pup from 26FaceKennels. Laquan emphasizes the importance of communication and connection. Interested buyers can reach out to him via phone or through his active social media platforms. Once contact is established, a video call is scheduled to discuss the desired puppy in detail. Laquan believes that this personal interaction allows both parties to connect and ensures that the potential buyer finds the perfect match. Upon agreement, a deposit is placed, and a contract is provided, outlining all relevant details such as puppy price, payment options, and availability for pick-up.

Concern for the well-being of his puppies doesn't end once they leave 26FaceKennels. Laquan offers health guarantees and post-purchase support to ensure a smooth transition for both the new puppy and its owner. Although he hasn't encountered significant issues with his puppies after sale, he stands behind his commitment to customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that any health-related concerns arise within 90 days after the initial eight weeks of care, Laquan is prepared to offer a discount on the next puppy as a gesture of goodwill.

Acknowledging that not every placement works out perfectly, Laquan addresses the possibility of returns or rehoming. Rather than leaving owners in a difficult situation, he is dedicated to assisting them in finding a suitable alternative home for their dog. However, he also admits that there may be occasions when he personally finds interest in taking on an additional dog, if circumstances align.

Laquan's dedication to the bully breed goes beyond breeding alone. He actively participates in dog shows, proudly showcasing the exemplary qualities of FK Weezo, FK Ralp, and FK Khalifa. By exhibiting his dogs, Laquan not only highlights their outstanding physical attributes but also promotes responsible breeding practices within the bully community.

For upcoming breeders who aspire to make their mark in the bully game, Laquan offers invaluable advice. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's passion and breeding dogs that they genuinely love, rather than succumbing to external pressure or trends. By remaining authentic and true to oneself, breeders can preserve the integrity of the breed and create a lasting impact.

Reflecting on the challenges faced within the bully game, Laquan identifies understanding dog allergies and health conditions as a significant hurdle. Each dog is unique, and certain individuals may react differently to various factors. Laquan delved into the world of dog allergies and health conditions, educating himself on identification and treatment. He encourages aspiring breeders to utilize the power of networking and readily available resources like YouTube to gain knowledge and learn from experienced peers who have been breeding for longer periods.

When asked about his role models in the bully game, Laquan admires NHK Derrick. His deep-rooted passion for the bully breed and the invaluable guidance he has provided to Laquan since their first meeting has been truly inspiring. NHK Derrick's dedication and wealth of knowledge have left a lasting impression on Laquan, reinforcing his own commitment to the bully game.

Looking ahead to the future, Laquan shares one of his main goals for 2023—to expand his network beyond Fayetteville and elevate the reputation of his studs. With unwavering determination, he aims to establish connections and collaborations with kennels outside his immediate area, broadening his reach and making a name for himself in the bully community.

But Laquan's aspirations don't stop there. When envisioning the bully breed community ten years from now, he dreams of a future characterized by enhanced collaboration between kennels. By fostering stronger bonds and encouraging open communication, he believes that breeders can work together to improve the breed's overall quality, health, and temperament. Such unity and collective effort would ensure a bright and prosperous future for the bully breed.

What sets 26FaceKennels apart from the competition? Laquan points to his willingness to collaborate with upcoming breeders. Unlike many kennels that shy away from assisting newcomers, Laquan embraces the opportunity to network and share his knowledge. He believes in supporting ethical breeders, even if they don't eventually partner together. Laquan's generosity in providing advice, guidance, and mentorship demonstrates his genuine passion for the breed and his commitment to its betterment as a whole.

Beyond his dedication to breeding, Laquan immerses himself in various hobbies and interests. He ventures into business ventures outside the kennel, delving into the trucking industry and even owning a t-shirt printing company. These endeavors not only showcase his entrepreneurial spirit but also allow him to explore his multifaceted talents and passions.

When asked about his thoughts on Bully Girl Magazine, Laquan praises the publication as a valuable resource, recognizing its informative nature and the wealth of information it provides about the bully breed. Moreover, he acknowledges the magazine's contribution to providing exposure and additional opportunities to those involved in the bully game. Laquan appreciates the platform it provides, allowing individuals to share their stories, showcase their dogs, and inspire others in the community.

As our interview with Laquan Melvin comes to an end, we are left captivated by his unwavering passion, dedication, and commitment to the bully breed. From his love for pitbulls during his upbringing to his remarkable journey into breeding American Bullies and French Bulldogs, Laquan's story is one of devotion and admiration for these exceptional dogs.

Through responsible breeding practices, genetic health testing, extensive socialization, and a commitment to the well-being of his dogs, Laquan has established himself as a breeder of distinction. His network of connections, his willingness to offer support and advice, and his continuous pursuit of knowledge have solidified his position as a respected figure within the bully community.

As Laquan continues to pursue his goals, uplift the reputation of his studs, and foster collaboration within the community, he embodies the essence of a true breeder—one who strives for excellence, cherishes the breed's qualities, and leaves a lasting impact on the world of dogs.

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